Islamic Dua for Love Marriage

Until now arranged marriages were the norm and they served the society well. But, times are changing now and rapidly no less. Youngsters today feel they are better off with a partner of their choice. And it makes sense why they would think that. People are more unpredictable today than they ever were.

That’s why when you go for a love marriage, you’ve already weighed the pros and cons of marrying that person. Islamic Dua for Love Marriage You know that person inside out.. That’s why love marriage today is a relatively safer option and comes with a better assurance that you will live happily ever after.

But, this story of happily ever after is not always necessarily an easy one. Often you have to fight many unseen battles before you can secure the privilege to marry that person and spend your life with him or her.

Islamic Dua To Marry Your Lover

One of the biggest obstacles is often convincing your parents that the person you like or love is actually the right one for you. Sometimes, due to financial or caste related mismatches, the two families don’t agree to the marriage.

But, a strong person doesn’t give up easily. If you are confident that the person you love is the only one that is meant for you – then do not lose hope.

Resort to powerful islamic dua and wazifas so you can convince your parents and remove whatever obstacle or hurdle is standing in the road of your happiness and marriage. Would you like to know which is the best dua for love marriage? Then, read this dua given below –Islamic Dua to marry your Lover

Here’s how to perform it –

  • Grab a red ribbon and tie it around your wrist
  • Now after performing maghrib namaz, clean yourself once again
  • Recite ‘Ya ilaha Illallah’ 547 times
  • Repeat this dua at least 321 times “zin taimur Allah surahi mukhlis con kalam’
  • Now recite a verse of Durud 5 times
  • Put that ribbon under your pillow and sleep on it
  • Do this regularly for 24 days.

True love is rare. Protect it with Islamic dua

You don’t fall in love everyday. It’s a rare thing. It’s a treasure and should be treated as such. One of the stupidest things you can do in life is not recognized when true love is standing right in front of your face and you refuse to fight for you. If you know it in your heart and soul that a person is worth fighting over, then do not go down without a fight. Put your heart into convincing your parents. If nothing seems to be working out, then surely Allah Tallah combined with the majestic powers of this powerful dua will unleash the magical forces of the universe that will work wonders in making sure that you two end up together.

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