Powerful Dua During Pregnancy For Baby Boy [100% Effective]

Dua during pregnancy for baby boy – 100% Effective and Working


All around the world, many traditional families believe that for a marriage to be successful, it is necessary to produce progeny, which is to say that having children is a sign of a sound, prosperous and healthy marriage. In this article, we are sharing some dua during pregnancy for baby boy. Allah loves both girl and a boy.

Sometimes what happens is that many girls are born in someone’s house, but now they want a boy, then these duas for them. It’s the best dua for beautiful baby boy.

A child in the family brings happiness and joy in the household. Their innocent, cheerful laughs fill the parents, grandparents, siblings and other family members with joy. Their hungry cries and impatient nature may sometimes be annoying, but still adorable. Babies turn the house into a home if you want a baby boy to perform this dua during pregnancy for baby boy.

Our word is a patriarchal society. Women have a very difficult time being successful; as compared to men. Unfortunately, this is just a fact of life. A girl child will have even more problems and have many hurdles and challenges in life to live a fulfilling and prosperous life.

In this article, we have covered dua during pregnancy for baby boy. If you need any other help, You can contact our Maulana Ji. Maulana Ji will solve your’s all problems.

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Allah blesses the hard-working. But, even with his blessing, sometimes females have a lot more difficult time to become successful in life because of society and its toxicity. In many countries, including India, pre-natal gender testing is illegal, But sometimes parents need a baby boy because there is no baby boy in their house for this you should perform this dua during pregnancy for baby boy.

Communities around these countries try to break the law and determine the gender of the infant before birth. And, if it turns out to a girl (or a gender they do not want), they force the to-be mother to abort or, in worse cases, even abandon and cast the woman out. This behaviour is often inspired by religious, social or personal beliefs. These illegal acts are still occurring in rural and distant parts of the world.

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Traditionally, the male child grows up to be the patriarch of the family. He takes care of his parents and grandparents while earning the bread for the family. 9Boy children are often said to bring more prosperity and happiness in traditional homes. That’s why every parent want at least one boy in their family performs this dua during pregnancy for baby boy, your prayer will accept by Allah. You can also consult with our Maulana Ji.

Hence, these households want the expecting mother to give birth to a beautiful and handsome baby boy. The husbands want their wives to be happy and for themselves to be content. Matriarchs want their daughters-in-law to give birth to happy babies, no matter the gender, but deep down; traditionalists want a boy child.

Powerful Dua during pregnancy for baby boy

Things to avoid during pregnancy

Before performing any dua during pregnancy for baby boy, there are few do’s and don’ts to follow (for to-be mothers) for making sure to conceive a healthy baby. Here are some of them:

  • Do not consume alcohol.
  • Do not smoke.
  • Have a nutritious diet.
  • Eat a healthy amount of food.
  • Do not wear high-heels or stilettoes.
  • Do not eat seafood or smoked meat like sushi.
  • Avoid being alone and without help.
  • Avoid heavy work.
  • Avoid lifting heavy objects.
  • Do not have a negative attitude toward the world.
  • Listen to good stories or music before going to sleep.
  • Try to improve your health.
  • Take plenty of rest during the latter part of pregnancy.
  • Avoid standing for too long.
  • Pray to Allah for a healthy baby.

An expecting couple may want a boy child for all of these and many more reasons. Some driven by personal belief, some driven by social norms, and others are driven by pressure by family members. You can perform dua for beautiful baby boy.

Best Dua During Pregnancy for baby boy

That being said, there are many ways mentioned in the Quran to make sure a pregnant woman gives birth to a boy. Making sincere dua and praying to Allah is one of the most effective and proven methods for making sure to conceive a healthy baby boy.

Now, we know nothing happens without the will of Allah, the Almighty. So, however hard one tries, they will not have a boy unless He makes it so. We must make honest dua for asking Allah for the blessing of a healthy baby boy. Our heart must be pure, and our mind should be clear while making dua.

Clasping your hands and embracing certainty and submission to Allah, close your eyes and face the direction of Mecca, the holy land. Make sure that you are honest to Allah about your own sins and mistakes first. Then ask Him for forgiveness. You will only get your wish if you have an honest conversation with Allha and repent your sins.

1st dua during pregnancy for baby boy

A dua to make during pregnancy to conceive a healthy baby boy. It’s the best dua for beautiful baby boy. Recite this dua after fajr Namaz. Try to recite every day at least 100 times.

Bismillahi ‘r-Rahmani ‘r-RaheemFardun, Hayyun, Qayyumun, Hakamun, `Adlun, Quddusun, Sa-yaj`alu Allahu ba`da `usrin yusra, Hab li min ladunka waliyyan yarithunee, yukhrijukum tiflan thumma li-tablughu.

Dua for beautiful baby boy

Recite this dua after isha Namaz at least 50 times. It’s best dua for baby boy in pregnancy.

Rabbi habliminladunka

thuriyatantayyebalnasami u

Try to recite this dua every day of the pregnancy. It is better if the husband recites this dua but is also advisable that both of the to-be parents recite it. Not only this, you can read some specific surahs for nurturing the child’s well-being.

The surah Luqman helps develop the baby’s brain and gives him or her a sharp mind. The next one is the surah, Yusuf.

This surah helps in developing the physical appearance of the baby and makes it beautiful. Finally, while giving birth, it is important that the woman is not in extreme pain, for this one should recite the Surah Mariam for ease in labour and childbirth.

Dua during pregnancy for baby boy

Best food for conceiving a baby boy

Your diet plays a very important role in determining the gender of your baby. Certain foods like uncooked or smoked meat should be avoided altogether. Caffeine or coffee, alcohol, and tobacco should be avoided, as well as other, more dangerous, drugs.

A study conducted in the UK suggests that having a high potassium and sodium intake influences the gender of the baby towards being male. Hence, there is some truth to the old wives tale that eating lots of bananas during early parts of pregnancy results in the birth of a baby boy. One should also eat a lot of table salt, within limits (of course).

  1. Bananas contain lots of potassium, and table salt is basically half part sodium. Avocados are also rich in potassium. Another theory is that a boy baby is sure to be delivered if the mother eats a lot of alkaline foods. Here are some foods guaranteed to have alkaline chemicals in them.
  2. Citrus fruits like oranges and sweet limes have high levels of alkaline content. Consume a lot of nuts like groundnuts, cashews and badam, and some dried fruits also are sure to be alkaline.
  3. Seaweed and sea salt are some obvious examples. Other examples include, but are not limited to, cauliflower and broccoli, and onion, garlic and ginger. While this theory is not completely proven, there is no harm to adding these foods o your diet while pregnant or not.

Another way to make sure a woman conceives a boy is to monitor the calorie intake. Higher daily calorie intake leads to more chances of having a baby boy.

Another study done in the UK proves this theory. An average of approximately 2400 calories a day will result in a baby boy, whereas an average of approximately 2100 calories a day will result in a girl.

Dua during pregnancy for baby boy - 100% Effective and Working


This article is all about dua during pregnancy for baby boy. If you have any other problem, you should consult with Maulana Ji. You can consult with us via WhatsApp.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 My husband wishes for a baby girl, and I want a boy. How do I convince him?

Ans: It is perfectly normal for a father to want a baby girl, and for mothers to want a baby boy. When this disparity occurs, it can cause arguments amongst the couple. If you want a baby boy, first of all, try asking Allah for your husband to change his mind. Try talking to your husband and explain to him why you want a boy. If nothing else, this will ease the disparity between the couple and end the arguments.

Q.2 My mother-in-law wants me to eat foods that I do not want or that which will not result in a boy child. How do I tell her that?

Ans: Your mother-in-law only wants you and the unborn child to be healthy and happy. But sometimes their care over-exceeds bounds and they can act emotionally. Try talking to her about the ill-effects of eating too much food or eating the wrong food. Explain to her that even you want the baby to be healthy and happy, and will not do anything to harm the unborn child.

Q.3 Me and my husband are a nuclear family and live far away from any family members. What should we do and what care should we take?

Ans: If you are first-time parents, meaning that if this is your first child, it is better to have family and friends around to help. If, however, you have another, the elder child, it is even more important that you have someone to help take care of your child and yourself. Most organisations and employers offer maternity leave. Take advantage of this and stay home during the pregnancy. Try asking your or your spouse’s parents to come and live with you for this duration. If not, try travelling to your parents’ house.

Q.4 How do I tell my elder child that they will have a sibling in the near future?

Ans: Elder children are often less understanding and are used to be the centre of attention. Hence it is important to tell them calmly that they will have a sibling. Make sure they are comfortable and agreeable first, then tell them that they will be a brother or sister very soon.

Q.5 Is it best dua during pregnancy for baby boy?

Ans. Yes, these duas are best for the convincing baby boy during pregnancy.

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