Dua for Enemy protection

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Dua for Enemy Protection

Do you think that someone is jealous of you and might be trying to harm you? If you answered that question as a yes, then you need to follow your instincts and make sure to do everything you can to protect yourself.

Often, we come across situations that seem to be popping out of nowhere. Sometimes a family member will fall sick and is unable to recover despite all your best efforts. Other times, you run into a major financial loss the reason of which is also unclear. At times, people end up divorcing each other or there seems to be conflicts in families that only continue to grow.

These are all tell tale signs that someone with bad intentions towards you might be trying to harm you. In that case, what can you do? Don’t worry because you can cast a spell of protection that will safeguard you from the enemy.

How to perform this spell?

  • Perform wudu first of all
  • Grab a couple of green chillies and place them in a red cloth
  • Place it in front of you
  • While concentrating on those chillies, chant this mantra 574 times

“Za ra la tey somai omari Alah Bismillah mhesa valarai morghulis

  • Conclude this by the reciting of Surah verse (any) 3 times

Do this for 17 days to see how things will begin to turn around

Make sure to perform namaz everyday

If you are a muslim who doesnet practice namaaz everyday, then first of all, make sure it has become a parat of who you are. You need to start to pray every single day. When you  do not stay connected with that Almighty, that’s when you are at your most vulnerable self. Anything and everything can attack and impact you. But, when you are in constant companionship with Allah Tallah, nothing can penetrate you. Stuff that normally bothers people will essentially roll off your back.

And you will come out the other way undamaged and whole. That is why, people who pray at least 3 times a day are able to endure the harshest conditions of life. No enemy of any statute can do anything to damage you or tear your apart. You will sail through life with the utmost of ease. Life will come to you naturally and effortlessly. That’s the power of prayer and that’s the power of Allah Tallah and staying in constant touch with Him.

Talk to us

Perhaps you are going through some tough times that has nothing to do with bad eye or enemy attract. Maybe you are going through hardships in your relationship or maybe you find yourself standing at the crossroads where you perhaps need to contemplate your choices against whether to divorce your life partner or not.

These kinds of situations can take a huge toll on life. In that case, you need a clear mind. But, the same will not be possible if you are consumed with your own thoughts. You need a clear mind. That’s where wazifa and dua come into the picture. It helps you figure out the best possible solution to your problem out of the many.

If you lack confidence to pull off something like that, we will help you. Our molvi ji will tell you all the inside tricks of how to achieve peace of mind and a clear mind so you can get yourself out of all and any kinds of problems in life.

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