Best Dua For Health And Long Life Of A Husband [101% Work]

Dua for Health and Long Life of a Husband – 101% Working


The heart has its reasons of which reason knows nothing.” A quote from Blaise Pascal, a French philosopher, and mathematician. It means that when people are in Love, they do not know the bounds of reason and can go to the ends of the earth for the other person’s health, happiness, and prosperity. In this post, we are sharing the best dua for health and long life of a husband.

A marriage is a connection of two souls in love. Meaning, it’s not just a bond that says, “we are together for a lifetime” it is knowingly and willingly committing to the other person’s needs and a promise to care, protect and heed to them. If you want to good health of your husband you should perform these wazifa and dua for health and long life of a husband.

A spouse should be loyal, true, and faithful. Only then can the marriage succeed. Both partners should show loyalty, faithfulness, and care. The wife should perform some dua for husband health and wealth.

In this article we have covered the powerful dua for health and long life of a husband. If you have any other problems, You should contact Maulana Ji. Maulana Ji always available for your help.

Especially in need like sickness, a bad phase in life or business, and when the other person is feeling down or distraught. That being said, a wife has the responsibility of taking care of the home and the household. It is not necessarily her “job,” but more of a traditional responsibility. Prophet says a woman can do anything, she can make any home like a heaven. That’s why Allah gives some dua for health and long life of a husband. There are many Wazifa and dua for husband health and wealth.

Powerful Dua for Health and Long Life of a Husband

Meaning, a woman of the house should traditionally take care of the household, its chores, and the responsibilities that come with it. In our patriarchal society, a husband’s responsibility is to earn the home’s bread and keep his wife and kids happy, satisfied, and content.

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But sometimes, the work pressure and stress become too much. In these cases, the man often fails to perform his tasks as a good husband and father. It is completely normal for him to feel guilty during this time. He becomes withdrawn from the family; he shows signs of stress and can sometimes become physically ill. In this situation, women should perform dua for husband health and wealth. You can also perform surah for husband health.

It then becomes the responsibility of the wife to help and care for him, as is necessary. No one is a better person than his spouse to take care of him in times of need. Wives always worry about their husband’s health. Wives always pray to Allha for the husband’s health. Wives should try these wazifa and dua for health and long life of a husband.

In Islam, a woman must wear a “burkha” in front of other men or go outside the home. But, as to if it is a good and fair rule, it is a question of religion and a conversation for another time. However, it was a sign that a husband had more authority than his wife, which is not true today.

A woman has no authority over her husband, and similarly, a man has no authority over his wife. But, the only authority over them both is that of Allah’s. Hence, one should always pray to Allah and ask for His advice and guidance in times of difficulty and tackling hurdles in life.

Similarly, a wife should first turn to Allah when her husband is going through work pressure or stress due to any other problem. Wives always try to keep away their husbands from problems. A woman should perform wazifa for husband long life.

Dua for Health and Long Life of a Husband

How to perform Dua for Health and Long Life of a Husband

  • Making dua is one of the first steps a woman should take when wanting to help her husband. Clasping your hands in reverence, kneel on your knees and face the direction of Mecca, the holy land. Make sure your heart is pure and your mind is clear while making dua. Then, close your eyes and pray to Allah for guidance. Perform wazifa for long life. Ask him for the strength to help your spouse.
  • Do not forget to repent your sins and ask for forgiveness. Putting your sins in front of Him shows Allah that you are honest and pure of heart and that your intentions for helping your husband are selfless, true, and good. Wives always perform dua for health and long life of a husband. Remember, a dua is a conversation with Allha and not an opportunity to ask for gifts and boons from the Almighty.
  • Now, make sure you know what your husband’s problem is exactly. Sometimes he will not share them with you for either of two reasons. The fear of appearing weak or not wanting to pressure you. Or a combination of both reasons. There are steps you should take to ease him into sharing your problems with you.
  • For the first reason, talk to him about how a spouse does not love his or her partner because of their strength. And point out the fact that asking for help is a sign of strength and not weakness.
  • For the second reason, tell him that you are capable and suited to help him. If not you, then who will he share his problems with? Do not pressure or force him into sharing. Rather make sure that he is comfortable, and only then can you start to help him.

Understand his problem. Do not rush to conclusions about how to solve them. You must know his thought process and the actions or mistakes he made when getting into the problem in the first place.

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It may not have been his mistake or fault but an unfortunate event that forced him to face that problem. Try making him understand this fact and making sure he does not feel guilty because he perceives the event as his mistake.

Explain to him that Allah puts problems and hurdles in everyone’s lives to test them and make sure their resolve is strong. He does that to only allow the worthy into Heaven. While doing this, your tone should be calming, peaceful, and loving.

Once you both have discussed the problem at hand, you can work together to solve it. Tackle the problem head-on first. Try searching for a direct and straightforward solution. There is a very small amount of problems that cannot be solved in a direct approach.

This is a fact of life. If, however, you cannot solve the problem head on, try taking an alternate approach that is dua & wazifa, You should try dua for health and long life of a husband. There is a reason why mountain roads are curvy and do not go directly over the mountain. These mountain roads take a decent chunk of your time to travel, but they make the journey easier. Similarly, finding and taking the curvy road to solving a problem is easier but takes more time.

Some Dua for Health and Long Life of a Husband

As before, the first step in curing your husband’s illness is knowing what it is. You cannot give headache medicine for a stomach ache.

This is a very simple example, but it is true. Knowing what to tackle is very important. Making dua is a simple yet effective solution for illnesses, but it is not a complete solution. A complete solution consists of a combination of action from our side and making dua. It’s the 100% working dua for health and long life of a husband.

Recite the following dua for your husband’s good health and long life:

Adhhibilbas Rabbinaaswashfi anta al Shaafilaashifaa alllashifaaukashifaaanlaayughaa dirsaqaman.

Dua for husband health and wealth

Wives should perform dua for the husband’s safety because an illness makes you weak physically and sometimes mentally. It becomes your responsibility to make sure that the illness will not get the better of your husband. Recite as much as you can after isha Namaz. Take your husband’s name at the end. It’s the best dua for health and long life of a husband.

“Allah Humma Innee As Alluka Sihhatan Fi Emaan.”

Now, your husband may also fall sick from time to time. It is then your responsibility to take care of him. The vow you take when marrying shows a promise to Allha and to him that you will take care of him in sickness and in health. Whether it may be mental or physical, illness can come at any time unannounced and unwelcome. It does not recognize rich or poor. It does not discriminate between the genders, or does it have any semblance of age. It is a curse upon the land by the Shaitan.

Knowing this, we should not be scared of illness. We should be strong and confident that we can beat the illness and find a cure. When and if unfortunately, your souse falls sick, you should not despair. Nor should you believe that he will get better on his own.

Dua for Health and Long Life of a Husband - 101% Working


I hope We have solved your problems. This article is all about dua for health and long life of a husband. If you have any problems like love problems, Nikkah Problem, Study problem, or any other problem. You can contact our Maulana Ji. Maulana Ji will solve your problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 My husband does not share his problems with me for fear of giving me unnecessary stress. How do I tell him that I am capable enough to handle it?

Ans: Try talking to him first. Tell him that, as his spouse, you are privy to his problems and can handle them. Just saying that you are capable is not enough; you have to prove to him that you are fit to handle the situation, whatever it may be. You can prove that to him by effectively solving your own problems and sharing them with him.

Q.2 My husband’s health is declining with age. What should we do?

Ans: It is Allah’s will that everyone has a limited time on this earth. Hence, as we get older and older, our health gets worse, and pre-existing problems get worse as well. This is just a fact of nature. That being said, we can always cure diseases and make sure that they do not occur again. Prevention is better than cure. Keep healthy, and get plenty of exercises.

Q.3 My husband refuses to listen to my advice because he believes that I cannot understand his problems. What should I do?

Ans:  Knowing and understanding are two very different things. You can know about Einstein’s theory of general relativity, but understanding takes years of study. Similarly, understanding problems come from experience. Share with him your own problems and not be shy to tell him how you solved them. As said before, you can prove to him that you are understanding by understanding his smaller problems first. But do not force him into sharing, be supportive even if he doesn’t share.

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