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Islamic Dua for Health and Wellness

Are you going to some kind of sickness? Are you unable to recover despite all your best efforts? Maybe somebody in your family is constantly falling sick and is not able to recover. The times of sickness and disease can be some of the most challenging times in life. We can all relate to that. But at times the reason of sickness is unclear. That  can make it all the more challenging for the person to recover from whatever is ailing him .

If yours is a similar situation then you have to know you can turn things around. Start by making namaj a part of your life. You need to stay in constant communion with Allah Tala. After that you need to take a very important step. You have to perform a very specific Dua for health and welleness. This is meant to help you safeguard your health. By successfully completing this Dua you will see your health is turning around for the good.

Would like to know how to perform this Dua. If yes then you need to read this blog till the very end.

How to perform this Dua?

  • You need to sit in the posture of prayer.
  • You can start this on any day of the week. It’s not going to matter.
  • After this you need to take a green paper, and write a message for health and wellness.
  • Place it in front of you.
  • While concentrating on this paper you need to recite ya Ilaha Illallah 500 times.
  • After this you can take any words of Surah and recite it 3 times.
  • Now you have to change this Mantra 545 times

Conclude this Dua by praying to Allah for 10 minutes and asking him for health and wellness.

Power of dua for good health

When you are performing a Dua, you are doing more than just reciting words. You are essentially sending out a message to the universe. In this case you are sending out the message of health and wellness. Power of Dua for good health. When you operate from higher self, your message and vibrations are bound to work for your good. You are essentially creating your destiny.

You are inviting health in your life. All kinds of sickness will stay at bay. Nothing can penetrate you healthwise. You will be surprised to know how you will be operating from the healthiest version of yourself in no time. You will fall in love with your body.

That’s the power of this Dua.

Let us know your troubles and we will make it go away.

Are you going through any kind of problem in your life? Perhaps you are contemplating your career choices but unable to decide which one to go with. Maybe you are thinking about divorcing your partner. Maybe you already divorced a partner and now you’re feeling lonely and isolated. It doesn’t matter what the nature of the problem is.

Islam has a solution for all kinds of problems of life. Aur expert Maulvi Sahab will tell you which was available work best in your particular case. Hey you listen to your problem and trace it back to the oldest place in your life. Accordingly he will form the finest possible solution for you.

In the meantime, you need to maintain faith in the powers of Allah Tallah and the powers of prayers. Things will slowly but surely begin to fall into place.

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