Dua to get Pregnant Quickly

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Islamic Dua to get Pregnant Quickly

Fertility issues are today plaguing the entire human population. It’s hard to think of any race of culture that is not going through pregnancy related issues. It is estimated that 1 in 10 women have a hard time getting pregnant effortlessly. For many it can take years to get pregnant in the first place.

Even if they are able to get pregnant, many are not able to sustain that pregnancy and the same can unfortunately result in micarriage which is traumatic not just physical health wise but mental health wise too. Dua to get pregnant quickly That is why we need to be more careful of our bodies and minds.

Sadly, sometimes despite all the efforts – executing all the care in terms of food and healthy lifestyle, things just don’t seem to be turning out.

Usually in those cases, it’s the bad luck or some kind of mental or physical blockages that are not letting enjoy the magic of parenthood.

Dua to getting pregnant

If you think the issue behind your difficulty in getting pregnant is metaphysical rather than physical than you need to speak to a good molvi as soon as you possibly can. Seriously do not even waste a single day before resorting to islamic dua and wazifa.

Speaking of which, you can always implement the islamic dua mentioned below as the same could help you get pregnant and sustain it. Would you like to know more? Here it is –

How to perform this dua –

  • Make sure to perform this dua after you have performed maghrib namaz.
  • It is better if you start it on a Thursday.
  • Take your favorite fruit along with a glass of water and place both the things in front of you.
  • Now recite ‘Ya Lateef’ 89 times
  • Chant this dua 543 times “Amal ikhtiyar Allah Bismillah sulaiman qurah”
  • Make sure to recite Surah Inshiqaq and Surah Luqman every single day whenever you can
  • Now in the memory of Allah Tallah – eat that apple slowly. Half an hour after that drink that glass of water imagining that you are pregnant.

Do this until you are able to get pregnancy

What other measures you must take

Be sure to read

In addition to performing this Islamic dua and namaz, you also need to make sure to eat healthy. Eat tons of fruits. Eat clean. Make sure to consume enough calories as good calories are essential for a healthy ovulation.

Eat fresh veggies. Make sure to cook food in the memory of Allah. Do not consume stale food or food from the previous day.

Do not skip on your everyday obligatory namaz. Also, remember to kick mental stress. Do not stress yourself out unnecessarily. You need to stay as happy as you can to ensure a healthy and sustainable pregnancy. Following these measures and certain precautions will expedite the progress and you might end up getting pregnant sooner than you had expected.

Talk to us

In the past, we have helped literally countless people battling all kinds of situations of their life that may seem impossible to get out to the majority. The thing is – no problem is impossible to solve as long as you have a solution oriented mindset and Allah’s companionship.

By getting in touch with us, we will suggest a dua or wazifa that will work best in your case. Our molvi ji might get you to wear a taweez for added protection. Call us and we will make your troubles go away with a powerful islamic wazifa.

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