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best Get Ishtikhara Dua for love marriage

Ishtikhara Dua For Love Marriage


We all know ‘Love’ is a very special and precious thing in the world. Love is present everywhere without love nothing exists. Love is something that turns good and evil into good. With the love in your life the color of your personality changes. And when it is said that when you love someone and you are not married to them then that thing is never acceptable. In this article, we are sharing some powerful istikhara dua for someone you love.

Because everyone in your life makes their choice if you like someone then you will want to be married to the same person. You must try this powerful online istikhara for love marriage because you know that person from the beginning then you have to trust that person for this.

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Ishtikhara Dua for love marriage

Love is like Oxygen for human beings. We, humans, are social beings. We live in a society where we not only live only for us but for everyone. We breadth together, feel together even we share our emotions together.

In this way of living our life, sometimes it becomes very necessary to have a person besides us who will be a perfect life partner for us to lead our life. If you want to do a love marriage then perform this istikhara dua for marriage for girl.

  • First Sit-In Namaz Posture.
  • Recite Allah Beautiful Name.
  • Now Recite this wazifa at least 50 times.

“subh’aanallad’ee khalaqal azwaaja kullahaa mimmaa tumbitul arz’u wa min anfusihim wa mimmaa laa ya’lamoon”

  • Perform this wazifa daily after fajr Namaz.

Sometimes in our life, we fall in love with a person who has not obligate feelings or emotions towards us even for a little mass. Sometimes, though the opposite person has feelings towards us still we find it very difficult to convey to both of our families to make the love a successful one. Love marriage is not Haram in Islam if you take permission from Allah.

Get Ishtikhara Dua for love marriage

Ishtikhara Dua for love marriage to Agree Parents

We all know how important our parents are in our lives, And when it comes to the matter of living together with someone to build a house then the decision of parents is very important for children.

And every parent goes to the same thing that their children are happy but they think that their children are not so smart now that they can take the right decision in their life.

It is a very strong weapon for parent consent Get Ishtikhara Dua for love marriage because children never want to hurt their parents.

Because for the children their parents are their happiness and their pride so he/she can never hurt his/her parents.

You must try this strong ‘Get Ishtikhara Dua for love marriage ‘so that your parents say yes. It is also called a dua to persuade parents to do this wazifa to instill love each other’s heart try this magical how to do istikhara for marriage.

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Get Istikhara For Love Marriage and Love Back

Start this special prayer to persuade parents and to improve your relationship and to move forward with your life partner and he/she wants a happy married life.

Allah must accept this prayer and give you results as soon as possible. Married men/women can also do it for her/his husband or wife This prayer is very good. Try this amazing Get Ishtikhara Dua for love marriage.

  • First, make fresh wudu.
  • Now Read Allah’s beautiful name.

ALLAHUMMA ya jami’unnasi li-yawmil la raiba fi innallaha la yukhliful mi’aad. Ijma bayni wa bayna kaza

  • Read the above-written prayers one hundred one times daily.
  • Now Read Durood-E-Pak 50 times.

After reciting the name Allah and that special person and say to god to do both of us together as soon as possible.

If there is a lot of dispute between the two spouses the atmosphere is very bad but one of them wants to solve or clear everything and he/she wants to make the matter right and this thing has reached Allah then this Get Ishtikhara Dua for love marriage is very beneficial for you.

Ishtikhara Dua for love marriage Surah Ikhlas

Authentic Wazifa to Get Love Marriage Quickly

To create your love in someone’s heart which is only with the intention of getting married if you want to become a lover of a lovely wife and add her in your life as a life partner.

Whenever you pray and talk with Allah this thing in your mind and think from the heart that you want to bring that special person into your life.

All these things you have to think while praying you to have to bring all these things in your mind. Only then you will succeed in finding your love.

If you love someone deeply and you want to live with him in all the happiness and sorrows of life no matter what the situation is then this blessing or Dua is perfect for you try this for your successful dream for life partner Get Ishtikhara Dua for love marriage. It makes your life perfect and complete.

Your family will also support you on this matter they will also stand with you and will give a lot of blessings for that special person.

You people may feel that this is never possible but it is possible if you pray to Allah with your sincere heart and with true mind and with true soul then it is surely possible. Try this for a successful result Get Ishtikhara Dua for love marriage.

Ishtikhara Dua for love marriage from Quran

Because love is such a bond that makes two people together in which the consent of both people is very important but sometimes there comes a time where both people do not have the same consent yet we have to walk together happens because if we separate and stay away from each other the world will question us

Because if you will expose the mistake of that person to the world once people will make that minor mistake a big mistake and insult that loved one person in front of you and every one and you will never be able to bear this thing because you loved that person very much

That is why ‘love is a river of fire everyone has to drown’

So, if you love someone then you have to always support that person whether that person is wrong or right that person has to always support you always give him as much respect as you have given him from the beginning

In such trouble, you should have full faith in your Allah and you must try this prayer or dua Get Ishtikhara Dua for love marriage.

Get Ishtikhara Dua for love marriage

Dua For Marriage With A Loved One

Always remember one thing that Almighty Allah is the one who controls every element on this earth. Nothing in this world happens without the will of Allah. So, if you want to remove all the obstacles from the way of your success toward your marriage then definitely you should go for reciting the Dua For Marriage With A Loved One.

If you use the Dua with noble intention and purity of your heart then your dua will surely be accepted and you will be rewarded by God. Always remember that love marriage is not a sin according to the Quran only when you want to make your loved person the queen of your own world. You should first promise yourself that you will be by his/her side in every bitter situation.

If you are really worried about the affirmation of your parents or finding the situations in your society very difficult to make your love an eternal one then you should definitely pray for the Dua For Marriage With A Loved One.

Sometimes we feel really hopeless seeing the person, whom we love the most and want to marry him/her , has no feelings towards us and sometimes, conveying our parents becomes the obstacles that stuck at our throat that can’t be swallowed or be spilled out.

In this onerous situation, there is only one thing that can be helpful and that is praying for the dua to Allah to get his blessing. So, always remember one thing that Allah is the most merciful and has the solution for everything.


I hope you get the best outcome from this prayer or wazifa, For the best outcome try this Get Ishtikhara Dua for love marriage, because the path or way of love is not easy for everyone

If you are in love with someone and after some years your loved one does not want to spend quality time with you, they just ignore you they do not love you according to your desire

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any surah for love marriage?

In Islam, a surah is the solution and cure of any problems. Surah Taha is done to get married at an early age.” Surah Taha” is necessary for a successful marriage and the right companion for life. It is shown that those who have performed surah taha for matrimony will marry the right person within two months. This surah also helps to create a strong bond between husband and wife.

Ayat to convince parents for love marriage?

You can recite this Ayat Rabbana “la GhafurunShakurr.” five times after Each Namaz with complete belief in Almighty Allaha and pray to convince parents for love marriage with a pure heart.

Taweez for love marriage?

To make an effective taweez make sure to clean yourself and choose a clean room to make taweez. Cleaner the room, the more spiritual power you will get. After that, offer Zakat now make Musallas taweez with the Ayat ul Kursi (Quran: Chapter 2, Al Baqara, Verse 255) written on it after folding the paper and wearing it in your neck within few days, you will start noticing impressive results.

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