Powerful Surah for Love Back

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We all know how much love is important in everybody’s life. That person is very important and very special in your life. He/ She is like an important organ of your life, and for your breath, because you loved that person very much he/she is just a backbone of your life.

If you love somebody you must try to get married to him/her and after marriage, you feel like the person who used to love you so much and is getting away from you. He is not giving you so much respect as he used to give you all these things.

This article is all about dua & Surah for Love Back. In this article, you will get many Surah for Love Back. If you think dua and Surah take lots of time to give results, then you can contact Molana Ji. He will give you the best way to get your love back in 3 days. Don’t wait just contact Molana Ji. Click on the consult with us button. Molana Ji has 35-year of experience. He has solved more than 50000 cases in his career.

If you want someone to love you back, if something very special to you is stolen from you, or if someone very dear to you is angry or moving away from you, duas are the simplest way to resolve all your issues.

Keeps your heart in pieces you feel that this world is very mean for you. You feel helpless emotionless and stressed. You will feel that this world is very bad and dirty it is of no use to you. For that, problem try this ‘Surah for love back’

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Wazifa & surah for love back

Procedure to Perform Surah for Love Back

One thing is very important if you do any work in your life. If you do no know the right way to do it, then that work can never be successful and fruitful in life. Because starting of any work is very important and crucial.

Always follow the proper procedure to perform Surah for Love Back. If you are starting well, then only you can get the benefit of that work. We all know that there is a rule and law to do any work and we must follow it necessarily because if we do not follow it then it will not do much fruitful work for us further.

Follow these steps to perform ‘Surah for love back’

  1. First of all, take a bath before you pray.
  2. Recite Durood Shareef 11 times.
  3. You can read Durood -e-Ibraheemi on daily basis.
  4. You have to read the ‘ALLAHus Samad’ a hundred times.
  5. This is the second Ayat of Surah Ikhlas
  6. You have to hear Durood-E-Shareef eleven times again.
  7. And in the last one, you have to pray to Allah to send that dear person of yours in your life.
  8. You can hear Ayat in the time of Surah – Fatiha
  9. You have to blow this DUA in some food items and feed that thing to a loved one.
  10. Then this blessing will be beneficial for you or you will have to do it for a long time because its process works very slowly.
  11. And as this prayer will affect that person, that person will love you like crazy, will give you so much respect as much as you want from him.
  12. Perform Namaz every single day.

If you follow this process in this way, then you will definitely get good results as soon as possible and your life partner will be happy with you.

powerful surah for love back

Precaution to Perform Surah for Love Back

If you make a slight mistake in anything, then all the hard work gets lost. If we do not do anything with a sincere heart, then the blessing will never be accepted.

  • You have to recite ” Valar Umar Zeen kaleef “ at least 300 times.
  • Please continue this DUA for seven regular days.
  • Repeat this two times within two days.
  • If you (especially women) are suffering from any illness (like mensuration) do not continue this DUA at that time.
  • You have to cry in front of Allah, you have to beg for your special one.

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Surah to make someone love you

Love is not love if two people are not united physically as well as mentally. Because without these two combinations (physically and mentally) love never becomes successful. We all know human beings are working with mentally as well as physically.

If in your love this combination does not exist your love is just formality and just passes through time then you should read Surah for love back. If you give someone attention and respect and that person does not give you a little bit of attention, love and care.

This thing is very painful in love life and that things hurt you most compared to other things. It is said that one person has every medicine that is no one else our Allah or God or Everything.

He will never back down from helping us. If your boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife do not love you according to your desire, they do not understand your feeling and emotion of your heart.

Try this to make love madly and deeply ‘Surah for love back’. We have to take care of things with him that is, we have to tell him all our miseries with open arms and sincere hearts he will surely help you.

Powerful Surah for Love Back

Islamic Dua to get love back

One thing we all know is that there is a lot of strength and power in prayer. Then it is such a thing that if you do it with a sincere heart and sincere voice then that blessing will surely be accepted and the pain you have in the soon ending will go then read this Surah for love back.

It does not matter if that person has gone away from your life no matter what the reason is whether it is your mistake or not it makes no sense.

It is very sad that the person whom you love so much leaves you or for whatever reason you have to stay away from that person this thing is the most painful and sad in the world.

If your prayers or dua true and from a sincere heart, then that blessing is surely fruitful for you and for your loved one, and that love will definitely come back to you.

Powerful Wazifa for Love Back

It is said that when you want anything with great faith, then that thing definitely becomes yours. If you love someone and you want them to come to you, but that love has gone too far from now.

Because until you do not show your pain in front of Allah, they do not understand your words your prayers will not be accepted. Use this for the whole cure ‘Surah for love back’.

One thing we all know is that we do not have a value for what we have? And if that thing goes away from us then we know its value.

We do this thing not in one place we do it everywhere in life or in every moment. We should work on this thing because one day this thing spoiled your life and happiness. If you take anything as a Guaranteed or underestimated that things cheat you most and hurt you most.

And we also do the same things in love life that if we fall in love with someone, we stop valuing him, we think he/she is our own he/she will understand everything I do but it does not happen that we do not even understand his things needed.

So, for all solutions try this DUA ‘Surah for love back’. It is said that love and friendship are met with hard work and luck. They are not found very easily especially, true friends or true love it is very hard to get it in today’s time or generation.


If you got any love or friendship trying to keep valuable and precious for your whole life. Because today’s selfish time no one has time to give you and entertain you, if he/she does then please try to make it more entertaining and interesting.

Getting your love back with this ‘Surah for love back’. If you loved someone from the bottom of your heart surely you will get your love as soon as possible.

For beneficial results try this DUA ‘Surah for love back’. If you want someone loves you according to your desire and thought please keep your mind neat and clean, always think positive, avoid thinking negative, try to keep calm, and always faith or trust in Allah.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Which powerful dua is to get love back?

Ans: There are many dua is to get love back. "Ya Wadoodoo Ya Ra’ufoo Ya Raheemo", but this is the best dua. If you want immediate resul, then you can contact with us.

Q.2 What is a powerful Surah to make a husband love you again?

Ans: Surah ikhlas is the best surah to make a husband love you again.

Q.3 Is Surah Rahman beneficial for a marriage?

Ans: Yes, Surah Rahman is beneficial for a marriage.

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