Islamic Taweez to make Someone Fall in Love

Do you wish for someone to fall in love? Perhaps you are in love with that girl who works in the same company as you. Or maybe you wish to marry that guy that you have been in love with for years or months.

Regardless, know that it is very much possible to win the heart of anyone that your heart desires. Islamic Taweez to make someone fall in love How, you ask? Well, with the right dua and the right heart anything is possible. However, do remember that your intentions should be pure towards that person. Do not wish to be with them just for time pass or just because you’re getting bored.

With those kinds of intentions, then dua will never work. Your intention should ideally be that of marrying that other person. If that is your true desire, then this dua will work that much more quickly and effectively.

Would you like to know how to perform this dua? If yes, then read this blog till the end –

How to perform this dua that will make anyone fall for you

  • First of all, clean yourself.
  • Make sure to perform it on a Tuesday onwards. That way, it will be much more effective.
  • On a red piece of paper, write the name of the person you want to fall in love with you 7 times in a circular motion.
  • Tie this paper around with a white thread and place it in front of you.
  • While focusing on the paper, recite “Ya Wadoodo” 7 times
  • Now chant this mantra 654 times “ya zakeer waqar surah arman Allah Bismilalh tahira komud zirkoni contoy”.

Place that paper underneath your pillow and sleep with it.

Do this consistently for a month and see how the person your heart wishes will want to get in touch with. He or she will automatically make advances to connect with you. It will only be a matter of time before that person starts to fall in love with you. Taweez to make fall in love Insha Allah all of your wishes will be true and you will end up marrying that person and leading a happy, healthy life.

Make namaaz a part of your life

Whether you want to navigate through your love life. Or whether you want to get through some other existential crisis, it is highly advised that namaaz always be a part of your routine and lifestyle. Those who practice namaaz regularly find themselves in a much better place to make healthy decisions in times of crisis.

Additionally, it is also important that you think only good and pure thoughts. When you indulge in negative thinking for way too long, it becomes a natural state. In a disturbed state of mind, you can never attract anyone. People will want to stay away from you. Taweez to make someone fall in love Therefore, as long as you can make namaaz a part of your life, all of your life’s troubles will melt away and happiness, abundance and peace of mind will become a natural thing for you. The love of your life will also want to spend more time with you.

Namaaz and positive lifestyle is the best way to attract people that you love.

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