Ruqyah For Love Problems Dua For Relationship Problems
best Ruqyah for Love Problems - Dua For Relationship Problems

Ruqyah for Love Problems Dua For Relationship Problems


A Ruqyah is a part of scripture from the holy book Quran. If you are reading a complete surah for something, it is not a Ruqyah. A Ruqyah is part of a surah. That being said, reading a complete surah is not really necessary. A Ruqyah is also considered a ritual. It is time-consuming and oftentimes it contains prayers and lines which we do not need to read. In this case, specific problems like love problems can be solved by reading a Ruqyah. Let’s say you want to read Ruqyah for love problems.

Love is a fickle thing. It makes one blind and hampers his or her ability to think correctly. When two people are in love, they cannot think of living without each other. It is just a type of Magic. Allah has given us the gift of Love so we can find someone to call our own. However, in a romantic relationship, problems are bound to occur and hurdles are sure to show themselves at some point or the other.

In this article, we have covered duas and Ruqyah for love problems. Read this article carefully, don’t skip any paragraph of this article. If you want your problem solutions immediately, then you should consult with Molana Ji. He’ll help you to solve your all problems. Don’t wait just contact Molana Ji. You can contact Molana Ji via WhatsApp.

Powerful Ruqyah for Love Problems

Islamism truly respects and propagates the essence of true love and there are numerous Islamic rituals made in order to retain the compatibility and trueness of real love. There is nothing more powerful and pure than the potent of dua and wazifa to communicate with Allah tallah. In this delicate journey of getting back your lost loved one back to your life, just keep firm faith in Allah, he will give your strength to withstand every harsh step of life and surely ensure your dua accomplishes success.

Love Problems arise because of a variety of reasons. They may be familial, social, financial, or even personal. Reasons like not having enough space in a relationship, a controlling or toxic partner, a disagreement, or a small fight can be fixed through conventional methods, like communicating with your partner, for instance. But some problems are too big or too complicated for just us to solve. We need the help of Allah in these cases. For this, there exists Ruqyah for love problems.

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Powerful Ruqyah for Love Problems

A Ruqyah for love problems like these is easy to find. But, as always, one must take action too. Allah only helps those who help themselves. That does not mean Allah will leave you alone and fend for yourself; it only means that Allah will start to help you by making your path easier once you start to take action.

  • First, make fresh wudu. Don’t perform this dua if you are not clean.
  • First Recite Durood e Ibrahim 11 times.
  • Recite this Dua 50 times After Fajr Namaz.

“Hasbunal-Lahu wa ni`mal wakeel Alal-lahi Tawakkalna”

If you will perform this from heart, InshaAllah your love problems will be solved. Don’t always depend on Allah try to solve problems yourself. If you will try to solve your problems, he will surely help you.

Start by understanding your problem and what is causing it. Once you know that, try talking to your partner about these problems. In the case of waning to attract someone, you can start just trying to talk to that person.

Best Ruqyah for Love Problems

Slowly but surely, you will start to see signs by Allah to solve your problems. However, this will only work if your intentions and love are true, honest, and real.

Coming to familial problems like parents are not agreeing to a marriage, they cannot be solved by simple means. A Ruqyah for love problems that arise due to familial issues is one of the best solutions. Talking to your parents is one way, but it does not guarantee success in solving your problem. Hence, praying to Allah is also required.

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Why Problem arise?

We know the reasons why problems arise, but we do not know how to solve them; yet. Familial problems are like parents not allowing for love marriage, or parents have already selected a match for you, but you love someone else. Social problems consist of things like inter-caste marriage.

Financial problems can be of the sort that your partner’s or your own parents cannot afford to pay for your marriage, or your families are of different financial status.

And finally, personal problems can be like your partner is not willing for marriage yet, or you are not ready to marry yet, but your partner is; or even something relatively simple like your partner cheating on you.

All of these have a solution, and most of them include a combination of taking action and reciting Ruqyah for love problems. There are different surah for different problems, and as such, more specific Ruqyah for different problems.

Let us now address these problems one by one. Starting with personal problems, which are the most common. When a partner in a romantic relationship cheats, the other person is left heartbroken and distraught. Or in some other cases, a person is madly in love with someone, and they need to attract that person. The situation may also be like a broken relationship needing patching up.

Ruqyah for Love Problems - Dua For Relationship Problems

Love is four magic words that change a life. In today’s world, people have become lonely, if you get love from somewhere, then it is very precious and costly for you. If you fall in love with someone and when the love goes away the world’s biggest pain is the pain that cannot be cured by any medicine.

Love is such a thing, there is no idea of right in it, there is no idea of wrong in it, people do not understand what to do or what not?

Then you spread your hand and make a prayer to Allah! This helps you reach your love that prayers remind the person of the goodness of your good deeds.

Powerful Dua For Relationship Problems

Make dua to ask Allah for strength and willpower to conquer your fears and make sure your parents understand where you are coming from. Once they understand your problem, they can help you solve it. Or in the case that you need to convince them, you must talk to them about how true your love for that person is. Only then can they be ready to allow you to marry the person you want. For parents convincing you can recite this dua.

  • First, make fresh wudu.
  • Now, Recite Surah Ikhlas 21 times after Fajr Namaz.
  • Now recite this dua for relationship problems.

“Laqad jaaa-akum Rasoolum Min Anfusikum A’Zeezun A’Layhi Maa A’ntittum H’arees’Un A’Lakum Biloomieena Ra-oofur Rah’eem”

  • Now take Allah’s beautiful name AR-RAHMAN, AR-RAHEEM, AL-MALIK & AL-QUDDUS.

Allah will accept your dua. However, do not try to force them. Talk to them in a calm and friendly manner. Remember, they are our greatest supporters and only want that which is good for us.

That being said, reciting Ruqyah for love problems, and talking to your parents is one of the better ways of solving love problems arising due to familial issues. The same goes true for financial problems.

Now, the key to making effective dua or Ruqyah is to have an honest conversation with Allah, the Almighty. Just asking Him for boons and gifts will never work. You must also repent your sins and put forth your mistakes. Doing this will show Allah that you regret your mistakes. You must make a promise to Allah and to yourself that you will not repeat your mistakes again.

Ruqyah For Love Marriage To Convince Parents

Reading a Ruqyah for love problems is one of the easier steps you can take to solve your love related issues. But solving compilated problems is not easy, and it never was meant to be. But you can start with the simpler steps and move on to the more difficult ones. Recite this dua for love marriage.

  • First Recite Durood Shareef 6 times.
  • Now Recite Dua 12 times.

Ya Sattaril Ayyubi Ya Musabbibal Asbabi Iyyaka Naabudu Wa Iyyaka Nasta’een Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyum Bi Rahmatika Astageez

  • Now Thanks to Allah.

Talk to them like you would talk to your friends. Be sure to introduce them to your partner, and tell them all of the things you like about that person.

Once you have recited the Ruqyah for love problems, do not forget to give a heartfelt thanks to the Almighty for His time.


This article is all about Ruqyah for love problems, I hope you have liked this article. If you have any questions you can ask Molana Ji. He’ll definitely help you. Reciting a Ruqyah by reading it from the Quran is easy; however, it is recommended that you learn the lines by heart and then recite them. Along with this, you can perform the ritual for Ruqyah. Doing this will definitely help solve your problems.

Is there any Ruqyah for Love Problems ?

In this article, we have covered duas and Ruqyah for love problems. Read this article carefully, don't skip any paragraph of this article. If you want your problem solutions immediately, then you should consult with Molana Ji. He'll help you to solve your all problems. Don't wait just contact Molana Ji. You can contact Molana Ji via WhatsApp.

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