Powerful Dua Or Wazifa For Love And Attraction [100% Works]
best Powerful Dua or Wazifa for love and attraction- 100% Working

Powerful Dua or Wazifa for love and attraction- 100% Working


The attraction is the heavy force in the world. A thing which brings a craving or wanting for the things or person whom you want to achieve. The base of love or the first step of love is attraction. Through attraction, love starts.

The scene is always like you get attracted to a person first and then love him/her. But there is a line of difference between attraction and love.

So, if you love someone, but there isn’t any mutual feeling from the opposition, there is a way to attract that person towards you, and then he/she will fall in love with you. Wazifa for love and attraction increases your chances of bringing mutual feelings between two people. Through this, the chances of him/her not loving you back are very low. Dua for love and attraction works the best in such cases.

In this article, we have covered wazifa for love and attraction. If you need any other help, you should contact our Maulana Ji. Maulana Ji is always available on WhatsApp for your help.

Powerful Dua or Wazifa for love and attraction- 100% Working

What is wazifa for love and attraction?

Wazifa is an Islamic ritual which in simple language means praying to Allah. When you end up loving someone, and that person doesn’t love you back or doesn’t pay attention the only way which is left is to opt wazifa for love and attraction. Once you get to know there isn’t any mutual feeling, your major focus lies on how to attract that person. However, there are various situations where the person you like or love doesn’t know about the way you feel.

The simpler ways to attract people could be by dressing, hairstyle, doing makeup, or by various other external things. But according to Islam, this doesn’t work. wazifa for love and attraction is the strongest thing to attract anyone.

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When you can perform wazifa for love and attraction?

There might be many situations where you would want to attract some other person towards yourself. One piece of advice, instead of opting for external beauty attractions tries to attract that person through internal dua, wazifa for love, and attraction.

Below are the circumstances where you can use wazifa for love and attraction:

  1. When you don’t get a mutual response from opposition so in that case, you can attract him/her towards you.
  2. If your lover is not giving you the attention, you can attract him/her towards you.
  3. If your husband is not much concerned about you, then you can attract him/her towards you.
  4. The attraction is much needed if you want to continue the same love that you have in the beginning.
  5. Due to the loss of attraction, your love might fade away. If you don’t want, you can always gain it through wazifa.
  6. You can stop your partner from going back into his/her past love by gaining that attraction through wazifa.
  7. Wanting to keep your husband away from an extramarital affair? This is the solution.

Dua or Wazifa for love and attraction

Importance of Attraction

The love between two people always starts with attraction. It is the base of a relationship, as said above. If there’s no attraction between two people there can’t be any love between them. To maintain that same love and relationship even after the marriage or relationship gets old is important. To maintain that attraction is important.

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One always tries hard to attract his/her partner in different ways, but they just end up failing. In this place, the best way to attract is to opt for wazifa for love and attraction. It is defined as one of the supernatural tricks for attracting someone.

It is important to know that wazifa for love and attraction attracts a person without using any physical forces. This thing only happens if the ritual is performed through real heart and trust.

Powerful Dua or Wazifa for love and attraction

Surah for Love and Attraction

Maybe you are someone who would fall in love but what if there’s no same response from the opposition. You can make this possible with the grace of Allah Talah. This is true in Islam that when you perform surah and wazifa for love and attraction to make people gain their interests in you. You can make that person fall in love with you madly, and they’ll come to you with the same interests and feelings as yours. It could always be possible that you don’t get the same thing in return, so here’s something you can do about it.

Dua for true love would make that person fall in love deeply and madly. The ritual will improve their feelings for you and would help them realize how much they are attracted to you. Surah for love and attraction also does the same thing. Narrate the surah for producing an immediate attraction in your lover’s heart.

Perform this Wazifa for love and attraction to make him/her love you madly –

You can narrate Surah for anyone with whom you don’t get something in return that you want. That person will come to you wholeheartedly in just a few days. Recite this Wazifa For Husband Attraction.

“Waa Al-Ways Alayklamaa Habbaaatann MinneeeWalee Tusnaa Alaynee”

The person would come to you on his own and propose. This ritual ends up giving you everything you needed or expected in your love life. You won’t be having any complaints.

So, major advice is without having any second thoughts just perform this ritual wholeheartedly with full trust, Allah will give you everything you want. After performing you will gain the advantages.

Wazifa for love to make someone crazy in love:

The small ritual of Surah and wazifa is said to be very powerful in gaining someone’s attention towards you. Insha Allah, you will get a quick and positive response.

“Bi Yadihi Mala Kuta Kulli Shaiyin Wa Ilaihi Tur’ Jaun”

How to perform wazifa for love and attraction?

The different steps for performing powerful wazifa for love are as followed:

  • Narrate “Surah Al-Kafiron” 73 times after you finish reading Namaz.
  • Then narrate the following wazifa for love and attraction:

“AlahummaAlifatbayinaQulubin, WaAslihzatabayaninwahdeenasuboolaasalaam, wanajeenaminazzulamatiillanoor”.

  • The face of the person whose attention you want should be present exactly in your mind while narrating the above wazifa to attract someone, to get married, or to remove all of the negatives.
  • Narrate Surah Al-Fatiha 99 times before you sleep.
  • Then sleep facing qibla and go on repeating this for 11 days.

Performing all of this would help you get married to that person very soon. Inshallah, your wishes and hope would surely get fulfilled.

Before going into that, you need to know what is Dua for love in Muslim?

Dua to ask for love is making a wish genuinely to think about the solution of a broken relationship or marriage. Narrating Dua for wanting something eagerly or healing your relationship, to remove all the negativities, and various other issues also help you getting everything back on a positive track.

There are problems in every relationship, but to make it work, you should have all whole trust and faith in Allah and narrate the dua every day with a pure heart. Islamic Dua has been helping to make people mend their relationships and marriages. You just need to have faith, trust, and patience. It’s guaranteed that you will get the positive outcomes in your life by narrating dua.

Problems are present in all the relationships; it just depends on how you end up protecting that bond from all the negativities around you. The narration of Dua would help you in bringing back all the positivity of your bind. Just have faith and patience. Believing in Allah is very important.

Below are the steps mentioned that you need to follow if you want to narrate Dua:

  1. The first step includes taking a bath or a shower. It is very important to narrate dua, which clear body and a pure heart. Then do Wadoo with everything that is farz.
  2. After completion of Wudu, you need to narrate Darood Sharif for 11 times.
  3. The face of the person is it your boyfriend or husband, whose attention you want should be present exactly in your mind while narrating the above wazifas to attract someone, to get married, or to remove all of the negatives. After doing that narrate the Dua for love 1000 times.
  4. After that narrate Darood Sharif again for 11 times. After that make another dua to Allah Talah requesting him to take all of your sufferings and bringing back the love.
  5. Perform this regularly, and for sure Allah Tallah would listen to you and fulfill all your wishes of getting the love back into your lives.

It is very important to have this thing inside your brain that all of this dua and wazifa for love and attraction are very pure and real and shall never be used for any of the wrong purposes or motives. If you do that you might get to face problems in your life.

Frequently asked Questions

Q.1 Why do you need wazifa to make someone love you again?

Ans. In these current times situations, losing a relationship or a person whom they love is a very huge and major problem among teenagers these days. This happens due to the issues between two people in a relationship. Maybe those two people aren’t ready to end that relationship, but they end up doing in the situations when they don’t have any other option left. But with the wazifa for love and attraction, you can regain anything you want in a relationship.

Q.2 How to Get My Love Back by Dua?

Ans. Let us see how can you get back your love by performing this wazifa for love and attraction.

Q.3 Is it best wazifa for love marriage also?

Ans. Yes, These wazifa are best for love marriage and attract to someone. If you are not getting any result, you can contact our Maulana Ji.

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