What’s something that makes a life worthwhile? It’s your desires and wishes. We know that once all our desires dry up, that’s when we give up the will and the desire to live. That is why, as long as you have an unfulfilled desire or wish, it’s a good sign. That means, you have something to strive for and something to look for.

Wishes can be of myriad natuare. For some, it’s more on the material end of the spectrum. To that end, many desires for that perfect house or that perfect vehicle for that perfect job. For some monetary success can translate to an easier life. For others, a wish is more on the spiritual or human side of the spectrum. While some crave the affection of another human being, others strive for health and wellness.

Regardless of the nature of your wish that you want to come true, know that anything and everything is possible.

The Islamic wazifa that is mentioned in this post will make sure all your wishes come true with the utmost of ease. How to practice it? Here’s how –

Wazifa to make wishes come true –

  • Take the second Ayat of Surah Ikhlas and recite it 1000 times. It’s “Allahus Samad”.
  • Recite durood shareef 9 times.
  • Send hasana/savab to the prophet. Essentially it means you are praying to Allah to convey your savab or message to the Prophet Mohammad and also forgive you if you made any mistakes.
  • Do this regularly for a month. Insha Allah all of your wishes will come to fruition sooner than you might have expected.

Please remember this

The thing about a wish or a desire is that it should be realistic. You cannot make unrealistic goals and desires and then expect them  to come true. That’s not going to happen. This is not how life works. It’s not how wazifas and duas work. Know that your wish should be as per your capacity. You should be deserving and worthy of it. For a simple instance, let’s say you want to achieve financial success. Are you sure that you will be able to smartly manage and handle your finances? If you know in your heart the answer is no – then you probably won’t even get the financial success. Because you are not ready for that kind of money yet.

Similarly, if you want to get married to someone – ask yourself – are you ready to give that love back before asking for it? Only when you are ready for a sustainable relationship will you actually attract the right person in your life. Otherwise you may end up attracting all the wrong people in life.

Therefore, before you start performing this islamic dua, ask yourself these simple questions. Make sure your wish serves a purpose. It should help you and those around. It should be realistic.

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