Powerful Dua For Love Back In 3 Days


In this article, we are sharing “Dua for love back.” Love is not just a simple word by which we express our feelings to others. Love is one of the holiest feelings ever directly sent from Allah and makes our hearts beat for someone else. When you love someone, your whole world starts a revolution around the person’s feelings opposite to you. 

If you love someone from the bottom of your heart, you will feel that person’s happiness as well as their pain in your heart. It’s just like an intense connection between the two souls that let you enter into the way of heaven. 

So, if you love someone intensely but the opposite person doesn’t possess any feeling of love for you, then to make someone fall in love with you should pray the “Dua for getting love back” to get the love back from the person you love the most.

Here is The Most Powerful Dua For Love Back Step by Step:

To pray this Dua for getting love back, you should follow some necessary steps as follows –

  • In the beginning, Recite Durood Sharif by 11 times.
  • Then Recite Durood-e-Ibraheemi 11 times.
  • Now Recite Surah Ar-Rahman Verse [55:20] Five Times Given below on the image.
  • In the end, Make dua to Allah for bringing your love back in your life.

If you perform the stated process with all your heart and make your prayers reachable to Allah, you will get your love back in your life for sure, In Sha Allah. If you need any help or you want quick results, then contact our Molana Bashir Ali Khan.

Powerful Dua For Love Back
In this Image, We provide “Powerful Dua For Love Back” Step by Step.

Powerful Wazifa To Get Love Back in the following Steps

Note This – Do this Wazifa after Isha Namaz for best effects.

  • First make proper abulution (Wudu).
  • Then read Durood Shareef 11 times
  • Then recite this dua”LaailahaaillaaAntaa Subhan Ekalnnikuntu Mina Zalimni” 900 times.
  • At last, Make dua to Allah for your love back in your life again.

Perform this Wazifa To Get your love back with all your heart, believing the words and keeping the faith in Almighty Allah, and you will surely get the result very soon, In Sha Allah.


Powerful Wazifa To Get love Back
Here is “Powerful Wazifa To Get Love Back”

Precautions for Wazifa To Get Love Back

Dua is not just an activity that you can perform casually by enchanting some words. It’s a process of making your prayers truly accepted by Allah. Hence to make your Dua reachable to Allah, you should follow some necessary steps to take your Dua for granted.

  1. You should use this Dua only if you genuinely believe Allah, along with the words at the bottom of your heart.
  2. You should perform this Dua for lost love back only if you love the person with all your heart and want to marry the person in the future at any cost for sure.
  3. You should enchant the words if you truly know the terms and if the person you love the most is separated from you and want to bring your love back to your arms.

If you follow the precautions before enchanting your Dua with All your heart, then for sure, your Dua will be truly accepted, and you will get your love back in your life.

If you see any trouble in your life and it belongs to your marriage, and you want to solve this problem at any cost, you will read this article Dua or wazifa for love marriage.”

If you want to break someone’s marriage or engagement, but you can’t do anything for that, then you should do Dua to Break Engagement and Marriage.” This dua will help you break any marriage or engagement.

There is nothing impossible for Allah in Islam as he is the one and the most powerful in this whole universe. If Allah blesses you, praising you by your prayers, then there is nothing impossible for you to win back.

If the person you love the most has no feelings or interest in you, but still you feel intensely for them and want to make your life surrendered to them, then you should use the Dua To Make Someone Love You Back” to ask Allah to bring feelings in their heart for you. But you should make the prayer with all your heart, believing every word of the chant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Dua for getting love back?

If you want your lover back in your life, then first Recite “bismillah hir-Rahman Nirrahim” 100 times. After That, you will recite Aytul kursi three times. Finally, Recite this dua “Subhaanallaahi, Walhamdu lillaahi, Wallaahu ‘Akbar” 100 times. Do this ritual for one week. You will get your lover in six days.

How Can I Get My Love Back By Prayer?

If your love got separated from your arms and still you want to bring the person back to your life, you should pray for the Dua To Get Love Back to the Almighty God to make your prayer granted.

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