3 Powerful Dua To Get Ex Back (Get Your love back) From The Quran


Aslam Alaikum to all today, we will explore the power of Dua To Get Ex Back to help people to get their ex back.

Through the power of dua, you can turn to Allah(SWT) for His mercy and blessings.

Abu Huraira reported that the Prophet (SAW) said, “Nothing is more honorable to Allah Almighty than supplication.”

Source: Sunan al-Tirmidhī 3370

Love is a beautiful feeling that brings immense happiness and fulfillment in our relationships.

When two hearts come together, they create a bond that is meant to last for a lifetime.

However, relationships can face challenges and sometimes lead to very painful separation.

We know that you are facing the pain of separation in your relationship that’s why you are here.

"Indeed, with every hardship is ease." (Al Quran, 94:6)

Don’t worry, and do not lose hope because if you follow the whole article carefully and perform the Dua to get Ex back mentioned with the right method and intentions, you will get your love back.

Here Are 3 Powerful Dua To Get Ex Back

By seeking His help through this dua, you can admit your reliance upon Allah’s guidance.

Following these duas with sincerity and faith in Allah’s ability and power is important.

#1 Dua To Get Ex Back

If you want to reunite with your Ex-love, recite, “Wa yarzuqhu min haisu laa yahtasib” this dua. After every prayer, You have to recite this dua to seek Allah’s blessing in getting your Ex back.

Meaning & Reference

“He provides for him from (sources) he never could imagine. And if anyone trusts Allah, sufficient is (Allah) for him. Allah will surely accomplish his purpose: Allah has appointed a due proportion for all things.” This dua is from the Quran, 65:3.

If you truly love someone with all your heart and mind, then it is common to be afraid of losing that person, and if that person suddenly leaves you for someone else, then you cannot even talk about this pain to anyone.

No one can understand your pain, but there is no one greater than Allah Taala in this world; if He wishes, he can reduce everyone’s pain and bring back your love.

Then, through this dua, you can ask Allah(SWT) for help in doing that.

Dua To Get Ex Back
By reciting this Dua To Get Ex Back regularly with complete sincerity with proper Arabic, Transliteration, and English meaning to seek Allah’s help.

Method to Perform Dua To Get Ex Back

  • Firstly, take a fresh shower.
  • Read some verses from Surah Yasin.
  • After that, repeat As-Sami 500 times.
  • Then, recite Ayat 3 of Surah At-Talaq at least 1000 times.
  • At last, ask Allah (SWT) to reunite with your ex.

Recite this powerful dua taken from Surah al Talaq after every prayer for 41 days to gain Allah’s mercy in getting your ex-love back.

Reciting this verse reminds us that Allah(SWT) will provide a solution and a way out of difficulties for those who fear Him and put their Trust in Him.

If you want immediate effects or need any help, then you can consult for free with our expert, Molana Basheer Khan.

He will assist you with the best and most powerful Dua’s according to your situation.

If you want Allah(SWT) to accept your dua quickly, you have to follow all the steps with the right intention and pure heart.

#2 Dua To Make Him Come Back And Marry Me

If you want your Ex love to come back and marry you, recite, “Siraatal-lazeena an’amta ‘alaihim ghayril-maghdoobi ‘alaihim wa lad-daaalleen.” Recite this Ayat no.7 of Surah AL-Fatiha at least 1000 times and pray to Allah (SWT) to get him back and marry you.

English Meaning

“Guide us to the straight path – the path of those upon whom You have bestowed favor, not of those who have evoked [Your] anger or those who are astray.”

Dua To Make Him Come Back And Marry Me
By performing this Dua To Make Him Come Back And Marry Me with proper Arabic, Transliteration, and English meaning to seek Allah’s help.

 Dua To Make Him Come Back And Marry Me In Steps:

  • Start with a fresh Ablution (Wudu).
  • Read Darood Sharif Eleven times.
  • Then recite Surah Al-Fatiha (verse 7) 900 times.
  • After that, take a picture of the person and ask Allah (SWT) to make them return and marry you.

Recite this Dua To Make Him Come Back And Marry Me 41 times for 41 days with complete faith and trust in Allah(SWT).

🚨Additionally, you can express all your emotions genuinely while doing dua by saying, “O Allah, the Turner of hearts, guide me on the right path and help me make the right decisions. Please bring [name of the person] back into my life. Soften their heart towards me. Truly, You are the Best of Planners.”

It highlights the importance of seeking Allah’s protection from negative influences and evil whispers during distress.

#3 Dua to get someone back

The best Dua to get someone back is: “Wa qur Rabbi adkhilnee mudkhala sidqinw wa akhrijnee mukhraja sidqinw waj’al lee milladunka sultaanan naseeraa.” If you recite this dua after Isha Salah 1111 times, you will soon get back the person you want by Allah’s grace.

Meaning & Reference

Say: “O my Lord! Let my entry be by the Gate of Truth and Honour, and likewise my exit by the Gate of Truth and Honour; grant me from Thy Presence an authority to aid (me).” This Dua is from the Quran, 17:80

Dua to get someone back
Dua to get someone back is a powerful way to seek Allah’s help in getting your loved one back with proper Arabic, Transliteration, and English meaning.

Dua to get someone back In The Following Steps:

  • Firstly, go to a silent room.
  • Recite “Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem” 100 times.
  • Then take a green paper and write ayat no.80, Surah Al-Isra, 199 times.
  • At last, pray to Allah Ta’la to bless you with his wisdom to get back someone you want.

This Dua to get someone back is from Surah Al-Isra (verse 80) and can help you gain Allah’s mercy to achieve strength during times of difficulty.

Reciting this verse seeks Allah’s support and strength to face and overcome challenges with firmness and resilience.

If you want to get the love of someone by seeking Allah’s blessings, recite this dua to make someone fall in love with you with the right intentions.

The Role Of Dua In Reuniting With Your Ex-Love In Islam

The Prophet (ﷺ) said, “Du’a (supplication) is worship.”

(Riyad as-Salihin 1465)

This Dua To Get Ex Back is used by thousands of believers who have achieved their dreams.

Many people in the world, like from UK, USA, and India, tried this dua and got positive results.

One such follower of ours is from the UK, and her name is Afsa, her love had gone away from her, and she asked us for a dua through a call, then we provided her with an effective dua.

After just one week of continuous dua, got excellent results. Now, she expresses her gratitude to us every day through phone calls or messages and thanks a lot for the guidance given.

This Dua is a powerful key by which you can easily unlock the feelings of love and soften the heart of your loved One.

Yes, it is hard to believe how Dua will get your love back, but trust this Dua can turn hearts and destiny.

This Dua is completely Halal because it is extracted from the Quran and Sunnah’s teachings by Molana Basheer Khan.

If you want to discuss your problem with Molana, you can consult for free by clicking on the WhatsApp icon for the perfect of your problems.

This Dua will guide you when things are not happening how you want them to.

The Quran states, "And your Lord says, 'Call upon Me; I will respond to you'" (Quran 40:60). 

Quranic Surah To Get Ex-Love Back

Reciting these Surah To Get Ex-Love Back in your daily supplication will assist you in times of difficulty and help you get your ex-love back.

Surah Al-Anbiya (Verse 187)

Surah Al-Anbiya is the most powerful Surah to get someone back in your life.

Read verse number 187 of the Surah after the Isha prayer.

After reading the verse, raise your hands and ask Allah (SWT) to help you reunite with your love back.

This Surah is also called the Dua of Prophet Yunus (PBUH).

He recited this Surah while in the belly of the whale, seeking Allah’s forgiveness and mercy.

The story of Prophet Yunus shows us the power of repentance and forgiveness.

Surah Al-Qasas (Verse 24)

One of the best surahs to seek Allah’s blessings in your life is Surah Al-Qasas.

By reciting verse 24 of this Surah after every Salah, you can pray to Allah (SWT) to get your ex-love back.

You should recite verse number 24 of Surah Al-Qasas for 41 days. Recite it as much as you can.

This surah verse is used by Prophet Musa (PBUH) while facing Pharaoh’s army.

This verse shows no matter how significant problems arise; we should always seek the help of Allah with complete Trust.

Surah Al-Imran (Verse 173)

Surah Al-Imran is the Surah number 3 in the Holy Quran, and its verse 173 is said to get your ex-love back effectively.

After every Salah, recite verse 173 of the Surah at least 1000 times.

Then, make dua to Allah (SWT) by expressing your emotions sincerely.

In this Surah, Prophet Ibrahim declares that Allah’s sufficiency and control over all affairs are the ultimate sources of strength and protection.

Wazifa For Ex Love Back

Breaking up with someone you deeply love can be an emotionally challenging experience.

If you want to rekindle the love and bring your ex-lover back into your life, this Wazifa will surely help you.

You must approach the ritual with a positive mindset and genuine love.

Wazifa for ex-love back in five simple steps:

  1. Find a quiet space for doing Wazifa.
  2. Begin by reading Durood Sharif eleven times.
  3. Hold a fresh red rose in your hands.
  4. Then Recite, “O Allah, All-Knowing, I seek Your guidance and blessings. Please bring [ex-lover’s name] back into my life. Remove difficulties and fill our bond with love and happiness. I trust Your mercy. Ameen.”
  5. Lastly, Blow on the rose and make dua to Allah (SWT) for reuniting with your ex-lover.

Repeat this Wazifa daily with the rose, preferably at the same time, and continue until you notice positive changes in your relationship.

Maintain unbreakable faith throughout the process, and remember that Allah has chosen the right time and situation, so be patient and consistent.

General Rules To Perform These Dua’s And Wazifa 

To perform Dua To Get Ex Back effectively, here are some general rules to follow:-

  • Purity: Perform ablution (wudu). Cleanse yourself internally and externally to establish a deeper connection with Allah.
  • Sincerity: Approach the dua with a sincere and pure heart. Your intentions should be genuine, not for personal gain or harming others.
  • Choose the Right Time: As per The Prophet’s (PBUH’s) Sunnah, these times have been mentioned best such as during the last third of the night, after performing Namaz, or on blessed occasions like Fridays or during the holy month of Ramadan.

Allah descends every night to the lowest heaven when one-third of the first part of the night is over and says: 

“Who is there to supplicate Me so that I answer him? Who is there to beg of Me so that I grant him? Who is there to beg forgiveness from Me so that I forgive him?”

(Sahih Muslim 758b)
  • Praise and Glorify Allah: Begin your dua by praising and glorifying Allah, and this will strengthen your connection with Allah(SWT).
  • Use Prophetic Words: Include prophetic words and phrases in your dua. Send Salawat with complete faith to increase your dua’s effectiveness.
  • Repentance and Forgiveness: Seek forgiveness from Allah for any sins or mistakes you may have committed to increase the chances of your dua being accepted.
  • Trust in Allah: Have complete faith and Trust in Allah’s wisdom and ability to answer your prayers. Trust that Allah knows what is best for you and has an excellent plan.
  • Persistence and Consistency: Be persistent and consistent in making dua. Repeat your Dua and Wazifa regularly for weeks, and submit your ultimate faith to Allah’s (SWT).

Remember, this Dua is a powerful form of communication with Allah. Follow these general rules, seeking Allah’s pleasure and Inshallah, and you will get your ex-love back.

Need More Details For This Dua To Get Ex Back? Watch This Video

Watch this video attentively, as it will be helpful in your journey to get back your love.

This video gives you a good guide on reciting and performing the Dua To Get Ex Back correctly to get full effects.

This video contains the right pronunciation of each word, making it easier to understand.

If, for any reason, you cannot recite this Dua, you can also benefit from listening to it through this video.

Read More:

Powerful Prayer To Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back

If you are worried and continuously thinking about your ex-girlfriend 

and want her back in your life, then this prayer is beneficial in that

Because this prayer can touch hearts, heal relationships, and bestow the divine mercy of Allah upon you.

By praying purely, you can seek Allah’s blessings in reuniting with your ex-girlfriend.

Method to Perform Prayer To Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back

  • Find a quiet place and face the Qibla.
  • Begin by Saying Bismillah 100 times.
  • Read Durood Sharif seven times.
  • After that, recite “Ya Allah, the Most Merciful, heal our relationship, remove misunderstandings, and soften her heart towards me. Help us to rebuild our bond with love.” Ameen”
  • End the prayer and ask Almighty to reunite with your ex-girlfriend back.

After performing this powerful prayer to get your ex-girlfriend back, patience and Trust in Allah’s timing are essential.

Essential Things You Should Know About This Dua For Someone To Come Back To You

Islam offers a beautiful path of supplication through which individuals can seek the mercy of Allah (SWT), and one such supplication is the dua for someone to come back to you.

Here are some essential things you should know about this Dua:-

  • Halal and Pure Dua: This dua is halal and follows Islamic teachings. It asks Allah for mercy to reunite you with your loved one.
  • Trusted Sources: The dua is carefully extracted from the Quran and the Sunnah teachings by our Molana Basheer Khan.
  • Seek Allah’s Mercy: By reciting this dua, you seek Allah’s mercy, as it shows that all sources of love need Allah’s blessings.
  • Find Comfort and Healing: The dua brings comfort and healing to your heart as it eases the pain of separation from a loved one.
  • Strengthen Your Relationship: Reciting the dua strengthens your relationship with Allah’s help to bring your hearts closer and restore the bond.

You can achieve these benefits by reciting this Dua with complete faith and Trust in Almighty Allah.

How to increase the effects of your Dua To Get Ex Back?

Here are some essential points you must follow or keep in mind to increase the effects of the dua:-

“Verily Allah does not look to your faces and wealth, but He looks to your heart and deeds.”

(Reference: Sahih Muslim 2564c)
  • Place Your Trust in Allah: It is crucial to place your complete Trust in Allah (SWT). Remember that everything happens by His wish.
  • Patience and Determination: It is essential to Keep patience and determination. Restoration may take time, but with strong faith and Patience, you can see positive changes in your relationship.
  • Maintain a Positive Mindset: This dua reminds you to maintain a positive mindset and keep your intentions pure because the key to the effectiveness of this dua lies in your intentions.
  • Women’s Do’s and Don’ts: Women should not expose nudity (Awrah) while performing the dua. Ensure you do not perform this dua during menstruation, as Islam considers it impure.
  • Consult with knowledgeable: Worry not if you need help, clarity, or immediate results. You can consult for free with our Molana Basheer Ali Khan, who can provide the right solution for your problem.

It is important to note that Dua For Someone To Come Back To You should be approached with caution in bringing someone back into your life.


Dua To Get Ex Back is a source of hope for those who have experienced the pain of separation.

Performing the Dua with sincerity, unwavering faith, and the right intentions will make your dream come true.

Numerous believers have witnessed the unbelievable effects of This Dua with the proper intentions.

Furthermore, following general rules, while performing these Duas and Wazifa is essential.

By following these guidelines, individuals can establish a deeper connection with Allah.

We must remember that Allah’s plan is always the best one for us. He will answer our prayers in His own time.

If you need any help or have doubts about the dua, you can consult for free with our Molana Basheer Ali Khan to take any advice or to get solutions for your problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the dua for getting a love ex back

You can recite Dua To Get Your Ex-Lover Back, which has many benefits, and regular use can provide you relief and comfort from any obstacles you may face.

This dua is properly halal and used by thousands of believers who experienced positive life changes.

If I ask Allah for someone to come back into my life but I feel that dua will not be granted, should I continue my dua or is that a sign that I should let go?

Sometimes this happens if you feel your Dua will not be granted.

This may be due to some blockages (Rukawats) upon you, and it is of two types one is natural, and someone with evil eyes or black magic does the other.

In this situation, you can consult for free with our Molana Basheer Ali Khan, who will help you with his deep knowledge of Islam.

Will Allah give me the person as my life partner whom I love if I pray?

In Islam, it is believed that all th powers and decisions are in the hands of Allah(SWT).

When choosing a life partner, it is recommended to seek Allah’s guidance through prayer (dua) and put your complete Trust in Him.

Allah (SWT) will grant your dua if the person is right for you as a partner, Allah(SWT) will grant your dua.

How do I ask Allah for a girl I like to marry?

Suppose you want to marry a girl, so, in that case, you can ask Allah (SWT) by performing Ishtikhara Dua with the correct methods.

You can also get your Istikhara done by an excellent Islamic scholar like our Maulana Bashir Ali Khan, who can tell you the signs of Allah for your decision to marry without any cost.

How to bring back my boyfriend?

If you want to bring back your boyfriend, then recite “Allahumma yaa muqallibal-quloob, thabbit qalbee ‘alaa deenik” This dua after Isha salah. Then recite “AL-WADOOD” 100 times and pray to Allah (SWT) to help you in return for your boyfriend.

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