3 Powerful Dua To Make Someone Miss You and think of you


Assalamualaikum, warahmatullahi wabarakatuh, to all present over here. Today, we share three beneficial dua to make someone miss you with a proper halal method.

Every lover always wants to be missed by their partner as they do. If you want to provoke these feelings in someone, then recite this dua with the given method.

Many people come to us and tell us about the unbelievable results they got from this prayer.

We make this promise to you. If you pray this prayer with a good heart, you will also get good results.

Note: We want to make one thing clear our big Molana Basheer Khan is strictly against any Haram or Black magic as it is considered a big sin (Shirk) in Islam.

“Whoever practices magic has committed Shirk”

(Sunan an-Nasa’i 4079)

If you want Allah(SWT) to listen to your prayer quickly, read the whole article without skipping.

Here Are 3 Powerful Dua to Make Someone Miss you 

This Dua will help to generate strong feelings of love for you in the heart of someone you want. It can be anyone, like your husband, love, or friend.

#1 Dua to Make Someone Miss You 

If you want to make someone or your lover miss you, you can recite “Yaaa aiyuhal lazeena adamant taqul laaha wa qooloo qawlan sadeedaa”  7 times after every prayer and ask Allah(SWT) to create feelings of missing and make your love think about you.

Dua To Make Someone Miss You
Recite this most powerful Dua To Make Someone Miss You to seek Allah’s blessings.

Method To Perform Dua to Make Someone Miss You 

  • First, perform Ablution.
  • Then, face Qibla and raise your hands.
  • After that, recite verse 70 of Surah Al-Ahzaab 7 times.
  • In the end, imagine the person and ask Allah(SWT) to make that person miss you and think of you.

You have to perform this Dua for seven days after Maghrib Salah continuously with complete faith, and Inshalah, you will soon receive a call or message from the person you want.

We understand the pain of getting separated from someone and missing all the memories you have together, and to make that person miss you and think about you, we deliver this powerful dua to bring back the person in your life.

Method To Perform Dua to Make Someone Miss You 
Follow all the steps mentioned carefully to perform Dua to Make Someone Miss You. 

#2 Dua to make someone miss you and think of you

If you want to make someone miss you and think of you then recite,“Wa minhum mai yaqoolu rabbanaaa aatina fid dunyaa hasanatanw wa fil aakhirati hasanatanw wa qinaa azaaban Naar” this dua. You have to recite this dua atleast for 1000 times while thinking of that person.

Dua to make someone miss you and think of you
Recite this powerful Dua to make someone miss you and think of you with complete faith to get effective results.

Method to perform this Dua to make someone miss you and think of you

  1. First, recite Surah Al-Fatiha after Fajar Namaz.
  2. Repeat “Allahumma rahmataka arju” 100 times.
  3. Then recite this dua “Surah Al-Baqarah (2:201) of the Quran” for 1000 times.
  4. In the end, ask Allah(SWT) to make that person miss you.

This Dua and think of you effectively induces a feeling of missing you in someone’s heart.

Method to Perform Dua to make someone miss you and think of you
Follow the method accurately to get the desired outcome from the Dua to make someone miss you and think of you.

This Dua is entirely halal and works by generating feelings for you in the heart of that person in a pure Ruhani way.

If you have any questions or doubts, you can contact our Big Molana Basheer Ali Khan to get the best solutions for your problems.

Due to any argument or misunderstanding, if your loved ones leave you, you can use this Dua for love back to get them back in your life.

#3 Dua to make him/her think of me

If you want to make your boyfriend/girlfriend only think about you, then start reading Surah Yasin 100 times after isha salah, and after that, make dua by saying, “O Allah, the Knower of all hearts, guide me in every step I take.” “Ya Allah, help me create feelings of missing and love in the heart of my love.”

Perform this, Dua, to make him/her think of me regularly for 44 days, even if you see any results in between. Be patient and complete the dua with complete faith.

The supplication of every one of you is granted if he does not grow impatient and says: I supplicated, but it was not granted.

(Sahih Muslim 2735a)

If you want to make that person in love, then in that case, you should recite this Dua to Make someone fall in love with you to make that person genuinely feel your love in a halal way.

Note: you can choose any dua according to you, as all the dua’s are equally effective and powerful.

An important reason for you to come here is to make someone feel your presence in his heart or mind with the help of these Dua and Wazifa.

Follow the step-by-step guidance and achieve your desires with the blessings of Allah (SWT).

Importance of Making Dua to Make Someone Miss You

Dua, a powerful and deeply spiritual practice in Islam, can be used for various purposes, including seeking blessings, guidance and even making someone miss you and think of you.

This article will explore the Powers of using Dua to impact someone’s thoughts and emotions.

The power of Dua can be a source of solace and hope for those who wish to make someone miss them and think of them.

“There is nothing more honorable with Allah [Most High] than supplication.”

(Jami` at-Tirmidhi 3370)

Firstly, in this article, we will explore the concept of Dua and provide a step-by-step guide on how to use it, and later, we will discuss all the precautions and steps to achieve this heartfelt desire effectively.

We recommend reading the whole article carefully to implement this Dua to Make Someone Miss You and Think of You and all the precautions to take.

Precautions to take while making these Dua 

Follow these precautions while making these Dua

  • Ensure you are in a state of purity by performing wudu (Ablution).
  • Perform your dua with a sincere and clear intention.
  • Women should avoid the dua during their menstrual periods.
  • Face the Qibla (the direction of the Kaaba in Mecca) when making Dua.
  • Keep this dua private as it will affect the results due to evil eyes.

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said, “The reward of deeds depends upon the intentions, and every person will get the reward according to what he has intended.”

(Sahih al-Bukhari 1)

Wazifa to make someone miss you

  1. Ensure that you are in the state of Wuzu.
  2. After that, read “Ya Wadodoo” 1000 times.
  3. Then recite this dua “Allahumma, ihdini sirat al-mustaqim, wa ayyidni fee ayyam al-shiddah, wa barik li biraḥmatika wa maghfiratika. Ameen” while lightning the incense.
  4. The smoke and fragrance of the incense carry your message to Allah(SWT).

You have to perform this Wazifa to make someone miss you daily after isha salah, and inshallah, you will soon get a call or message from the person you want.

If you follow the guidance accurately, you can quickly achieve what you want and convert your love into the halal bond of marriage with the help of Dua for love marriage or Wazifa for love marriage.

Surah to make someone miss you

Some of the best Surah to make someone miss you are discussed below:-

Surah Yasin (36:36) 

Surah Yaseen is the best Surah to make someone miss you. Recite verse 36 of this Surah after every prayer to receive a message from your loved one as soon as possible.

It is said that if you recite Surah Yaseen with complete faith, then your wishes will be granted by Allah Tallah.

Surah Al-Furqan (25:74)

If you want to increase love and improve the bond between relationships, recite verse 74 of Surah Al-Furqan with all your heart to induce feelings of love.

Surah Al-Imran (3:159)

Surah al imran is placed third in the Quran, and The Surah provides guidance and emphasises the importance of faith, patience, and reliance on Allah in times of Difficulty.

Recite verse 159 of this Surah; it will help you gain Allah’s blessings in times of hardship.

These surahs are so decisive that it can help you grant your needs with the blessings of Allah(SWT) if done with pure heart and intentions.

The benefits of making this Dua to make someone miss you

There can be many reasons behind reciting this Dua, but we would like to tell you that by reading this dua, you will get many benefits, which are given below:-

  • Guidance and Clarity: Dua can seek guidance from Allah to help you through challenges.
  • Patience and Endurance: Dua can grant you the strength to bear difficulties with patience.
  • Positive Outcomes: Dua can be a way to ask Allah(SWT) for positive outcomes in your relationships.
  • Halal and Proven Dua: These Dua are very effective and have been tested by many people who got excellent results.


This article delivers a very effective Wazifa and three powerful dua to make someone miss you with proper halal methods.

Repeating this dua with pure intentions can quickly make someone miss you and think of you.

Along with Dua’s, this article also discusses some precautions to keep in mind while doing the Dua’s.

The Duas mentioned in the article are taken from authentic sources with a halal performance method.

Each practice is explained with clear steps, and sincerity, patience, and faith are necessary to achieve positive outcomes.

Many people come to us and tell us about their scary experiences of getting scammed in the name of Allah only for money, so be aware.

Ruhani Dua is a halal website created only for the betterment of our Muslim brothers and sisters to guide them with the help of guidance given by Allah (SWT).

Frequently Asked Question

How to make someone miss you?

The easy and the right way to make someone miss you is to Perform this halal Dua to make someone come back to you, which helps you get the blessings of Almighty Allah in making that person think of you and contact you quickly.

What to do if you miss someone in Islam?

If you are missing someone and feeling lonely, seek Allah’s guidance, as Allah is the only one who will hold your hand, take you out of the Difficulties, and give you solutions and comfort.

How to make him miss you?

If you want to make him miss you, then after doing Ablution, read Durrod Shareef eleven times. After that, read this “Ya Hayyu ya Qayyum birahmatika astaghees aslih lee” 100 times. Again, read Duroomd Shareef and express your want in front of Allah (SWT).

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