Powerful guidance on How to attract your husband sexually in Islam


If you are facing problems in your marriage and you are finding the answer to how to attract your husband sexually in Islam, then you are at the right place.

This article provides you with a powerful Dua to satisfy your husband sexually through which you can please your husband by following all the Islamic principles.

Apart from mutual understanding, physical or sexual intimacy is essential for long-lasting marital relationships.

Hence, every wife should know How to attract your husband sexually in Islam.

A woman should always satisfy her husband’s needs and should never refuse to have sexual intercourse with him (unless she is menstruating).

It is one of the most important duties of a woman towards her husband.

If you fail to make your husband sexually satisfied, then it might be possible that your husband may start to be attracted to other women. 

So don’t waste time and get all the guidance on How to attract your husband sexually in Islam in this article and read till the end for complete knowledge.

If you want to increase love between husband and wife, perform this powerful Dua for husband love.

Importance of Sexual Relations and How to attract your husband sexually in Islam

What is the most pleasurable thing?” We said: “There are many pleasurable things.” Imām said: “The most pleasurable thing is making love with (your) spouses.” 

Satisfying your husband sexually holds great significance, and the understanding of its importance is crucial for a harmonious marriage.

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) highlighted the significance of satisfying one’s spouse and promoting an atmosphere of love and happiness within the marriage.

The Quran encourages spouses to find comfort and tranquility in each other.

The Quran inspires believers to approach intimacy with kindness, understanding, and shared happiness, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a healthy sexual relationship within the bounds of marriage.

Many verses discuss marital relations and provide a foundation for understanding the importance of intimacy in Islam.

Let us explore the step-by-step guide to seek Allah’s blessings in your marriage and learn How to attract your husband sexually in Islam.

Dua to satisfy husband sexually

If you want to satisfy your husband, then recite, “INNALLAD’EENA AAMANOO WA A’MILUS S’AALIH’AATI SAYAJ -A’LU LAHUMUR RAH’MAANU WUDDAA” this dua. After Isha Salah recites this dua and inshallah, you will come close to each other very soon.

How to attract your husband sexually in Islam
Here is Dua to satisfy husband sexually to create a strong intimate bond with your husband.

Method to Perform Dua to satisfy husband sexually

  • Start with a fresh Ablution.
  • Then, read “Ya Wadoodo” 100 times.
  • After that, recite verse 96 of Surah Maryam 1000 times on a sweet dish.
  • At last, pray to Allah(SWT) to increase closeness and give it to your husband.

You have to perform this powerful Dua routine for 41 days to seek Allah’s blessings in satisfying your husband.

Dua to satisfy husband sexually
Here is the Method to Perform Dua to satisfy husband sexually to create a strong bond in your marriage.

Many women have performed this dua and got amazing outcomes. We assure you that you can also make your husband happy after making this dua with all your heart. 

If you have any questions or doubts, then contact our expert, Molana Basheer Khan, through WhatsApp. 

To create a special place in your husband’s heart, recite this Dua to increase love in Husband heart and make your husband more affectionate towards you.

If you’re looking for Surahs and Quranic verses to include in your daily duas, seeking Allah’s blessings for your husband’s love, then recite this powerful Surah for husband love.

Guidelines on How to attract your husband sexually in Islam

Here are some tips through which you can strengthen the intimacy in your marriage:-

  1. Be Ready to Serve: Be attentive and responsive to your husband’s desires.
  2. Maintain Cleanliness: Cleanse yourself before and after intimate moments.
  3. Perform Foreplay: It’s required to engage in foreplay before making love.
  4. PraiseAllah(SWT): Saying Bismillah and A’udhubillah Before Intercourse
  5. Use Islamic Ways: Incorporate Islamic acts like kissing and hugging during intimacy.
  6. Have Pure Intentions: maintain the right intention to please your husband when engaging in intimacy.
  7. Wear Perfume: Enhance the experience by wearing pleasing perfume.
  8. Seek Advice: Getting guidance from knowledgeable Islamic scholars like Molana Basheer Khan is encouraged. 

How can I satisfy my husband in bed Islam?

Satisfying sexual desires is crucial for a married couple. Often, women may have higher sexual desires than men. When husbands fulfill their needs quickly, it can leave wives unsatisfied.

In some cases, husbands may not consider their wives’ desires, leading to dissatisfaction and potential distance between them. Praying for closeness can help, but active steps are essential.

Engaging in foreplay is vital. Excite your husband through touching sensitive areas, oral sex, and the use of perfumes for a fresh atmosphere. This ensures both partners are satisfied and make a closer bond.

“The most perfect of believers are those most perfect of character, and the best of you are the best of you to your spouses.”

Tirmidhi, Ibn Hibban.

How to seduce husband Islam?

If you are looking for the answers to the question – of how to seduce husband Islam, then you should first remember a few things in your mind.

First, you should know how to love your husband in Islam. For this, as long as you are in a good and healthy condition, you should serve your husband sexually whenever he wants to love you.

Until you are in good condition, you should serve your husband sexually at the time of his desires.

The Messenger of Mercy, Prophet Muhammad (s), said: “Men have a right over their wives. Women should not refuse intimacy with their husbands and should obey them.”

In a similar hadith, Imam al-Sadiq (a) said: “A woman went to the Prophet (s) and asked, ‘What is a man’s right over his wife?’ His Holiness replied, ‘His wife must fulfill his sexual need, even if he is driving a vehicle.'”

Of course, this is a way of saying that a woman must always satisfy her husband’s sexual desire whenever possible.

If you think your husband is not giving you complete attention and ignoring you, recite Dua for a husband to love his wife only. 

Important Advice on How to attract your husband sexually in Islam

Follow these precautions before having intercourse to avoid mistakes in Islam:-

  1. Facing Qibla: you should not have sexual intercourse while facing the direction of Qibla.
  2. Respect Requests: Be considerate of your partner’s requests.
  3. Privacy Matters: Intimate moments should be private and avoided in public.
  4. Modesty in Attire: Wear modest clothing during intimacy.
  5. Indoor Intimacy: Prefer having intimate moments indoors for privacy.
  6. Avoid Anal Intercourse: Abstain from engaging in anal intercourse as it is a big sin in Islam.
  7. Respect Menstrual Periods: Avoid intimacy during the wife’s menstrual period.
  8. Maintain Ritual Purity: Ensure both partners are in ritual purity.
  9. Respect Fasting Hours: Refrain from intimacy during fasting hours in Ramadan.
  10. Consent and Communication: Prioritize open communication and mutual support.


This article provides you with several ways on How to attract your husband sexually in Islam and also a powerful way to seek Allah’s guidance through Dua to satisfy husband sexually.

By reciting Dua to satisfy husband sexually with complete sincerityyou can make your marriage fulfilled with more love and pleasure.

You will also get some effective tips to boost your physical intimacy and precautions while having intercourse to avoid haram things in Islam.

We promise if you follow the Dua and precautions with sincerity to make your husband happy, then you will get all the love from your husband without any doubt, for sure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to foreplay with husband in Islam?

In Islam, foreplay between husband and wife is allowed. It includes seeing, kissing, touching, smelling, and mutual stimulation, as long as it occurs within the bounds of marriage and with mutual consent.

How to please your husband Islamically

You can please your husband by engaging in intimacy, and you can also seek Allah’s blessings to strengthen your bond with the help of dua and some wazifa.

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