5 Best and Powerful Surah For Love Marriage (100% effective)


If you are facing any difficulties in your love marriage or finding the right one to marry, then you are at the right place as this article guides you to the best

Surah for love marriage with the proper method to perform to seek Allah’s mercy.

In this article, we will tell you Which Surah To Read For Love Marriage by giving detailed guidelines on how to perform it to get effective results.

We will discuss some of the best Surah for love marriage to attract Allah’s blessing in making your love marriage successful.

To know the best Surah for love marriage, read the whole article carefully and follow all the methods to perform as given.

We promise you will get assured results by reciting these Surah with sincerity and complete faith in Almighty Allah.

Importance of Surah for love marriage in Islam and how does it work?

Love marriages can be a beautiful journey filled with joy and companionship.

There are always difficulties in the way of love and marriage. From family concerns to societal expectations, the journey of love marriage can be challenging.

However, turning to Allah(SWT) and the guidance of the Quran can provide peace and direction.

Certain Surahs are mainly meant for seeking Allah’s blessings regarding love marriage.

Many of our believers performed these Surahs and got married to their loved ones, and you can also make your love marriage successful by reading these Surahs with sincere belief.

Which Surah To Read For Love Marriage? 

Muslims often turn to the Quran for guidance and support when seeking blessings for a love marriage.

Allah said in the holy Quran:

“And among His Signs (is) that He created for you from yourselves mates that you may find tranquility in them; and He placed between you love and mercy. “Quran 30:21 (Surah ar-Rum)

The Quran’s surahs, or chapters, are valued for their spiritual significance.

Each Surah is believed to address specific aspects of life, serving as a guide for believers.

If your marriage is not happening due to the continual rejection of the marriage, and you need to settle this as quickly as possible, then perform this Dua for immediate marriage proposal to get the right match for yourself.

5 Best Surah for Love Marriage

Many scholars and Muslims believe in specific chapters’ power to seek Allah’s guidance and blessings in matters of the heart.

Here are five Surahs that are often recited for those seeking benefits for their love marriages:

#1 Surah Ta ha for love marriage

If you want to get married to your love, then recite, “Qaala Rabbish rah lee sadree Wa yassir leee amree Wahlul’ uqdatan milli saanee” this dua. You have to perform it after isha Salah 1000 times, and this dua is taken from Surah Ta ha.

Surah Ta ha for love marriage
Read this powerful Surah Ta ha for love marriage to solve all the issues in your marriage.

Surah Taha, a chapter from the Holy Quran, holds a special place for those seeking Allah’s mercy in love marriage.

Surah Taha is the 20th chapter of the Quran and holds great value for seeking blessings and guidance in love and marriage.

Benefits of Surah Ta ha for love marriage 

Many hadiths widely mention the significance of reciting Surah Ta ha for love marriage. Some of them are:

The Prophet (peace and blessing be upon him) said, “Whoever writes surah Taha, places it in a green cloth, and takes it with himself to a proposal of the marriage ceremony, his proposal will be accepted.”

Abu Abdullah Jafar ibn Muhammad said, “Those who do not have suitors or whose proposal of marriage is turned down should write Surah Taha, then wash it with water, and pour that water on their face. In this way, Allah will ease their marriage.”

#2 Surah Al Imran for love marriage

Surah Al Imran is one of the most beneficial verses in the Quran for marriage.

Many verses highlight the importance of marriage and its many benefits for couples.

Reciting this Surah encourages couples to be loyal to each other, strengthening the relationship.

Steps to perform Surah Al Imran for love marriage

  • Start with a fresh Ablution.
  • Then, repeat “Ya Wadoodo” 100 times.
  • After that, recite verse no. 3 of Surah Al Imran for 410 times.
  • Now, read Durood Shareef thrice.
  • In the end, pray to Almighty Allah(SWT) to help marry your beloved.

You have to recite this particular verse of Surah Al Imran during times of prayer for 41 days to seek Allah’s blessings.

Surah Al Imran for love marriage
Here is Surah Al Imran for love marriage to make your love marriage successful by removing all the obstacles.

#3 Surah Yaseen for marriage

For love, marriage recite, “Subhaanal lazee khalaqal azwaaja kullahaa mimmaa tumbitul ardu wa min anfusihim wa mimmaa laa ya’lamoon” This verse of surah yaseen. You can seek the blessings of Allah(SWT) by regularly reciting this Surah for 41 days.

Surah Yaseen for marriage
Read this most powerful Surah Yaseen for marriage to seek Allah’s blessings to create a powerful bond with your partner.

One of the many benefits of reading Surah Yaseen is that it helps you get married to your loved one.

The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said: “Indeed for everything, there is a heart, and the Qur’an’s heart is Ya Sin. Whoever recites Ya Sin, then for its recitation, Allah writes for him that he recited the Qur’an ten times.”

(Jami` at-Tirmidhi 2887)

Surah Yaseen for marriage in steps:

  • Start with Fajr Namaz.
  • Repeat “BISMILLAHIR RAHMAN NIR RAHIM” 786 times.
  • After that, recite verse 36 of Surah Yaseen 1000 times.
  • Now, read “Durood e Ibrahim” 11 times.
  • At last, ask Allah(SWT) to remove all the obstacles in your marriage.

Perform this Surah Yaseen daily after Fajr namaz for 41 days to seek Allah’s help in a love marriage.

Surah Yaseen for marriage
Follow this Surah Yaseen for marriage in steps to make your marriage smooth and strong.

#4 Surah Mumtahin

If you are facing problems in your love marriage, perform this Surah for love marriage. First, recite “Al kabeeru” 1250 times.

Perform this daily, and do not forget to read Durood Ibrahim 11 times before and after reciting “Al Kabeer.” Perform this Surah For Love Marriage for 11 days. After 11 days, if you are not getting results, you should contact Molana Ji to remove any kind of Bandish(Rukawat) from you.

Surah Mumtahina is very good for marriage and helps attract good marriage proposals.

Here is Surah Mumtahin to seek Allah’s help to marry your beloved without any problem.

Surah Mumtahina is suitable for anyone who is suffering from a marriage delay.

Surah Mumtahin for marriage in steps:

  • Make Wudu.
  • Start with Bismillah.
  • Read Durood Pak before and after reading the Surah.
  • After that, read all 13 verses of Surah Mumtahin 786 times.
  • Ask Allah to help you get married and find the right person.

You have to read this Surah Mumtahin for 31 days to seek a good marriage proposal from the right person.

Surah Mumtahin for marriage
Here is Surah Mumtahin for marriage in steps to get Allah’s help for marrying the right person you want.

#5 Surah Ar-Rum for marriage in the Quran

The Best Surah for love marriage is Surah Ar-Rum. Recite verse 21 of this Surah Ar-Rum, particularly after the Isha prayer.

After reading the verse, raise your hands and ask Allah to help you find the right person to Marry or to get a good marriage proposal.

Surah Ar-Rum is believed to bring clarity and guidance, particularly in making righteous choices in love and marriage.

You should recite verse number 21 of Surah Ar-Rum for 41 days and repeat it as much as you can.

Surah Ar-Rum for marriage
The best surah for love marriage is Surah Ar-Rum to get Allah’s help in making clear and right choices in marriage.

If your parents aren’t approving of your wedding and are pushing you to marry somebody else, then you can also read this Dua to convince parents for love marriage.

You are at that point of your life where you need the support of a partner; then you can recite this powerful dua for a good life partner.

If your parents aren’t approving of your wedding and are pushing you to marry somebody else, then you can also read this Dua to convince parents for love marriage.

You are at that point of your life where you need the support of a partner; then you can recite this powerful dua for a good life partner.

Surah Ikhlas Wazifa For Love Marriage

Surah Ikhlas Wazifa For Love Marriage (Chapter 112) is often recited for getting marries to your loved one.

It’s the best Surah to read for love marriage. You will need a glass of water, a pen, and paper for this Wazifa.

Write the name of your love on paper and fold it seven times in your right hand. Recite Surah Ikhlas blow on the article, and place it in Zamzam water near you. After two days, throw the form in a lake, symbolizing the release of your intentions.

Benefits of reciting Surah for Love Marriage

Here are some of the benefits of reciting Surah for Love Marriage:

  • Getting a Good Match: Reciting Surahs is believed to attract Allah’s guidance in finding a righteous life partner.
  • Seeking Allah’s Blessings: Recitation is a means of seeking Allah’s blessings for a blessed love marriage.
  • Gaining Family Approval: It helps soften the hearts of family members and gain their acceptance of the union.
  • Removing Obstacles: One of the primary benefits of rectifying Surah is its ability to remove obstacles delaying the path to love marriage.
  • Making Things Easy: Reciting Surahs smoother the journey towards love marriage, reducing difficulties and challenges.

Precautions while reciting Surah for Love Marriage

Here are some things you can keep in mind to avoid mistakes while doing this Dua:-

  • Good Intentions: Begin with sincere and good intentions, seeking blessings for a righteous relationship.
  • Share to Help Others: Forward these article to help others, and it will count as a good deed.
  • Avoid During Menstruation: Refrain from reciting during menstrual periods, respecting the purity of the practice.
  • Perform in Private: Complete the recitation in private to maintain a personal connection with Allah.
  • Keep it Secret: Avoid revealing your practice to others, preventing negative influences or evil eyes.
  • Avoid Manipulation: Never use these practices for manipulative purposes or evil purposes.
  • Maintain Patience and Faith: Develop patience and faith, understanding that outcomes are in Allah’s hands.
  • Trust in Divine Wisdom: Trust Allah’s wisdom, accepting that His plan is beyond our understanding.
  • Seek guidance: In some cases, seeking advice from a knowledgeable person is recommended for a better solution.


This article guides you upon which Surah to read for love marriage and provides the five best Surah for love marriage.

All the Surah are mentioned with their respective method to perform for effective results and follow all the guidance carefully to achieve better outcomes.

Many believers get married to their loved ones with the help of these surahs. 

If you perform these Surah for love marriage sincerely, then you will achieve success in your desires.

All the duas and Wazifa that are mentioned in this article are 100% effective. Be careful while doing them and follow all the necessary instructions that are provided.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Surah is for love marriage

If you like someone and want to marry, then read Surah Muzammil. Make Wuzu, then recite Durood Shareef 11 times. Imagine the person you wish to marry. Then, repeat Surah Muzammil 41 times and conclude with a sincere dua, asking Allah for guidance for a love marriage.

Kun Faya kun Wazifa for love marriage

Begin by performing ablution and setting a sincere intention. Then, recite “Kun Faya Kun,” which is a powerful Quranic verse (Surah Ya-Sin, 36:82) 100 times. Afterward, make a heartfelt dua for a successful and blessed love marriage.

Which Surah to read for love marriage is the best?

Surah Taha is the most powerful relationship dua in Islam. Almost put your belief and faith in Almighty Allah and watch the outcomes on your own.


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