How To Keep Husband Happy Sexually In Islam

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Relations between a husband and his wife is one of the holiest relationships on this earth according to Islam’s beliefs. Having a perfect life partner is something that is really impossible except for the blessings of Almighty Allah. It is very often for the wives, or the newly married women have a common question: how to keep husband happy sexually in Islam.

Arising such a question inside your mind is not something that should be laughed at. It is actually proof of your pure character. As you do not know about the way to keep husband happy sexually in Islam, it simply proves that you were not involved in any physical relationship before your marriage.

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Though the relationship between a husband and his wife is one of the purest relationships in this world that long lust on the basis of love, affection, trust, and mutual understanding, still no relation can long lust without having a sexual relationship between the two.

Apart from the mutual understanding and mental relationship, physical or sexual relationship is also very much important to make any marital relationship long lusting. Hence every wife should know how to Keep husband happy sexually in Islam.

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Keep Husband Happy Sexually In Islam

If you fail to make your husband sexually satisfied, then it might be possible that your husband may start to be attracted by other women. According to Islam, your husband may be involved in an extramarital affair, and it is a punishable offense.

So, if you are looking for a way to keep husband happy sexually in Islam, then without any doubt, you are absolutely at the right place. Here, in this article, we will discuss some important point related to this topic, and you will get answers to all the questions you have in your mind for sure.

In Islam, it is not Haram if you are looking for the surah to solve your marital problems related to sexual complexity. If you are not satisfied by the sexual life of your husband or if you are unable to satisfy your husband in bed but still want to keep husband happy sexually in Islam then it is not a sin in Islam.

In Islam, you should always involve in sex i.e., a physical relationship with your husband, only at the time of night when the whole world sleeps under cover of silence.

Love and sex are just two sides of the same coin. For a married couple, sex is a need that is a must. Though Islam is a strict religion for this matter still, it says that sex is one of the necessary keys for continuing a happy marriage life. So, any incoherence of sexual intercourse between husband and wife can even lead to a divorce.

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How To Love With Your Husband In Islam?

If you are looking for the answers to the question – how to Keep husband happy sexually in Islam, then you should first remember few things in your mind. First of all, you should know how to love your husband in Islam. For this, as long as you are in a good and healthy condition, you should serve your husband sexually whenever he wants to love you. Until you are in good condition, you should serve your husband sexually at the time of his desires.

What Are The Most Important Things A Wife Can Do In Order To Make Her Husband Happier?

In Islam, for a wife, it is necessary to make her husband happier by all the things she can do to please him because according to the beliefs in Islam the heaven or paradise of a wife lies beneath the feet of husband. So, being a perfect Islamic wife, you should always try to please your husband all the time he needs you to love.

If you are looking for how to Keep husband happy sexually in Islam, then you should definitely keep some points in your mind in order to do so –

  • Though in Islam, it is prohibited to use perfume for a woman in public, but you can still use it to please your husband. You should definitely smell good at the time of sexual intercourse with your husband on the same bed. It will trigger your husband’s intimate desires more sharply, and he will more be involved deeper inside your love.
  • You should never tell no your husband when he wants to involve sexually with you until you are fit and healthy. You should always please your husband until his satisfaction gets fulfilled.
  • You should take a bath to make your fresh before going to intercourse. This will make you look fresh and smell good. By looking good, you can increase your husband’s desire to climb up to a certain level.
  • You should involve some foreplay before involving in sex as it is encouraged in Islam. You should make your husband more excited by making such kind of atmosphere. You should also involve in oral sex to please your husband.

In order to Keep your Husband Happy Sexually In Islam, you should definitely follow all the points properly. This will help you a lot without any doubt.

How To Keep Husband Happy Sexually In Islam

Is Satisfying Wives In Bed Haram In Islam?

A sexual relationship is a mandatory act in Islam between married couples. Without fulfilling sexual desires, a marital relationship can not be lust long. Being a husband, if you ask – Is Satisfying Wives In Bed Haram In Islam? Then the answer will be No.

You should definitely involve in the intercourse with your wife and continue it until both of you are satisfied. In order to satisfy your wife, it is necessary to continue the sex or intercourse until your wife gets satisfied. You should also involve in the act of foreplay, including rubbing the nipple or caressing her breast; even you should be involved in oral sex to satisfy your wife in bed. If you do so, it will definitely not be a Haram in Islam.

If my husband is not able to fulfill my desires, then according to Islamic Sharh, what should I do?

Sexual satisfaction is really necessary for the couple who are bonded to each other by law and after marriage. It is very often observed that the potential of sexual desire of a woman is much higher than a man.

So it’s very often to see that husband gets satisfied very sooner than his wife and takes a leave from the intercourse and even from the bed but still then the sexual satisfaction of his wife might not be satisfied fully.

It is also very often to see that, husbands become involve in the sexual intercourse until he gets satisfied. He down not think about his wife’s desire or what she wants that leads to the unsatisfaction of his wife, and it might create a mutual distancing between the two.

So if you are not satisfied fully by your husband, then you should definitely pray for the dua to bring husband and wife closer. Side by side, you should also involve in the foreplay with your husband before going into intercourse.

You should make your husband excited up to a level by the foreplay that he can’t leave you without making you satisfied. You should involve in oral sex. You can touch the sensitive positions of your husband’s body, even you can make him excited by touching those places by leaps or mouth.

You can use perfumes to smell good to your husband and take a bath before your intercourse to look fresh that will help you a lot to make an erotic atmosphere between both of you.


There are several ways to keep husband happy sexually in Islam. You should always remember that the heaven of a wife always lies under the feet of the husband. So, you should always make your husband satisfied whenever he wants. Though there are several ways to do so, you should still avoid few things like – sex without covering your body, make fully expressed in front of your husband, sex outside under the open sky.

If you really want to please your husband, then you should make him mentally happy also, you should keep husband happy sexually in Islam. If you become able to make your husband happy or try your best to do so, then you will definitely get all the love from your husband without any doubt, for sure.

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