3 Powerful Dua for relationship problems (Fix Broken Relationship)


Assalamu alaikum to all. Today, we will provide you with a powerful Dua for relationship problems that have mended many broken relationships, and we assure you that it will also help you.

It’s rare to find a relationship without any conflicts. Problems are just a normal part of life, but it is also true that if they are not handled at the right time, they do not take time to break.

If you are going through the same situation and want the help of Allah(SWT), then you are at the right place. This article guides you with a powerful dua that will help you strengthen your relationship.

You can consult with us if you have any other problems related to your relationship. We’ll provide you with the best dua for relationship problems.

No one can understand the pain of a falling apart relationship but don’t worry, read the article carefully to get proper guidance in fixing your relationship.

Importance of dua for relationship problems

Fixing a relationship is hard, but ignoring the problem is worse. When there’s a fight or silence, it can hurt the relationship.

The only way to fix it is by praying to Almighty and sincerely asking for help. Remember, everything is in his hands.

We can sincerely seek Allah’s (SWT) mercy and blessings by performing this dua for relationship problems with complete faith.

There is no such relationship without fights or disagreements, whether a couple or husband-wife, but you should trust Allah(SWT) and Dua’s power to make it work.

If you leave the problem as it is, the issues could get too serious to solve, causing constant arguments, doubts about trust, and suspicions of cheating in the relationship.

At this time, there are special prayers for relationship issues that you can use along with other efforts to fix your relationship with your partner.

Some guidance before you start this dua for relationship problems

Before beginning the Dua for relationship problems, it’s advisable to follow specific guidance:

  1. Perform Wudu (Ablution) for spiritual purity.
  2. Face Qibla, the direction of the Kaaba in Mecca, during supplication.
  3. Offer Sadqah (charity) as a gesture of sincerity.
  4. Pray consistently, maintaining a regular practice of dua.
  5. Have the right intention, seeking Allah’s guidance sincerely.
  6. Seek advice from scholars or trusted individuals like Our Molana Basheer Khan.
  7. Perform Istikhara, seeking Allah’s guidance in decision-making.

#1 Dua for relationship problems

To remove problems in your relationship, recite, “Qul in kuntum tuhibboonal laaha fattabi’ oonee yuhbibkumul laahu wa yaghfir lakum zunoobakum; wallaahu Ghafoorur Raheem,” this dua. Repeat this dua after every salah to seek Allah’s blessings.

Dua for relationship problems
Perform this powerful Dua for relationship problems to fix any issue in your relationship.

Dua for relationship problems in steps:

  • Start with a fresh Ablution.
  • Now read “BISMILLAHIR RAHMAN NIR RAHIM” 786 times.
  • After that, Recite verse 31 of “Surah Al-Imran” at least 1000 times.
  • Now, take the name of your lover thrice.
  • Lastly, pray to Allah(SWT) to remove all the problems in your relationship.

Follow this dua for 11 days, and Inshallah, soon all the problems will be removed. 

Dua for relationship problems
follow all the steps of Dua for relationship problems to get Allah’s blessings to fix your bond.

If you have any doubts or questions, consult our Molana Ji via WhatsApp for better understanding. 

To heal your broken heart, you can recite this Dua for heartbreak. It will provide you comfort and peace in this situation.

If you think your relationship is under some evil or harmful thing, you should recite this Dua for protection from evil eye and jealousy.

#2 Dua to fix broken relationship

The best Dua to improve or fix a broken relationship is: “Wallazeena yaqooloona Rabbanaa hab lanaa min azwaajinaa wa zurriyaatinaa qurrata a’yuninw waj ‘alnaa lilmuttaqeena Imaamaa.” Recite this Dua after isha salah with complete faith in Allah(SWT).

Dua to fix broken relationship
Perform this Dua to fix broken relationship to get Allah’s help in fixing your broken relationship.

Dua to fix broken relationships in five simple steps:

  • Begin with reading “Durood e Ibrahim” 11 times.
  • Then, recite “Ya Wadoodo” 100 times.
  • After that, recite verse 74, Surah-Furqan,” after Isha Salah.
  • Again, read “Durood e Ibrahim” 11 times.
  • At last, ask Allah(SWT) to fix your relationship with his blessings.

Perform this dua at least for two weeks after morning and evening salah, and inshallah Allah(SWT) will soon accept your dua and bless your relationship.

Dua to fix broken relationship
Follow all the steps of Dua to fix broken relationship correctly to get effective results.

Due to any arguments or misunderstandings, if your loved one is separated from you, then recite this Dua to get your ex-love back to reunite with them.

If your husband does not love you as before and you are having many arguments with him, recite this powerful Dua for husband love to increase love in his heart.

#3 Dua to solve relationship problems in simple steps:

  • Start with a fresh Shower.
  • Read “Ya Latifu Ya Wadoodo’ 100 times.
  • After that, recite “ALLAAHUMMA AH’ABBANEE ILAA QALBI” this dua at least 1000 times.
  • Then send “Salawat” upon the Prophet (SAW)
  • At last, pray to Allah(SWT) to solve all the problems.

You have to perform this dua for 15 days after isha salah with complete trust and faith in Allah(SWT) to get positive effects. 

Dua to solve relationship problems
Perform this Dua to solve relationship problems to seek Allah’s help in solving all the problems.

If you need more details or have any questions, contact our Molana ji, who will assist you with a proper solution to your problem.

Note: All the dua given here are equally powerful and effective. You can perform any Dua as per your choice.

Surah for relationship problems

Surah Yasin is among the best and most effective Surah to seek Allah’s blessings and mercy. Recite Surah Yasin 7 times after any salah and blow upon the picture of your partner or loved one. 

Performing this Surah Yasin daily after performing Ablution will help you remove all the obstacles and problems in your relationship.

There are numerous hadiths (sayings of the Prophet Muhammad) about the benefits of reciting Surah Yasin. One such hadith is as follows: 

“Surely everything has a heart, and the heart of the Quran is Yasin. I would love that it be in the heart of every person of my people.”

(Jami` at-Tirmidhi 2887)
Surah for relationship problems
Here is the best Surah for relationship problems to fix and solve any issues in your relationship.

#4 Dua for relationship

For healthy and good relationship recite this dua, “(FAQAALA) INNEEE AH’BABTU H’UBBAL KHAYRI A’N D’IKRI RABBEE H’ATTAA TAWAARAT BIL H’IJAAB.” You have to repeat this dua for 500 times after reading two Rakat Salah and “Durood Shareef” three times.Perform it for 15 days and Isnahlalh Allah(SWT) will bless you relationship.

Dua for relationship
Perform this powerful Dua for relationship tp overcome any difficulties in your relationship.

Here are some steps for having a Healthy Relationship:

  1. Keep Love as your priority.
  2.  Never bring ego in between you and your partner.
  3.  Respect your partner by listening to them.
  4.  Honesty and loyalty are the keys to a healthy relationship.
  5.  Always respect each other’s needs and expectations.
  6.  Don’t say anything that can trigger your partner.
  7.  Be the bigger person here and apologize whether it’s your fault or not.
  8.  Don’t blame each other for any fights.
  9.  Bringing up the past is not a good option.
  10.  Always have that trust in your partner.

If you follow these steps every day and pray, your relationship will stay strong. Arguments and misunderstandings are normal in relationships, but don’t let them define yours. Remember, what matters most is love and having your partner by your side.


This article provides many powerful Dua for relationship problems to solve relationship problems, which will help you overcome all the issues you face in your relationship.

Dua to solve relationship problems is a powerful way to seek Allah’s guidance to resolve all the issues.

We promise you if you perform this dua carefully and sincerely, Allah (SWT) will approve your dua as soon as possible.

Ruhani Dua is a website created for the betterment of the Muslim community, and all the information provided here is taken from authentic and halal sources.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any simple Dua for a broken relationship?

Recite “QUL IN KUNTUM TUH’IBBOONALLAAHA FATTABI-O’ONEE YUH’BIBKUMULLAAHU WA YAGHFIR LAKUM D’UNOOBAKUM WALLAAHU GHAFOORURU RAH’EEM” this dua to fix a broken relation. You must repeat it 1000 times during tahajjud to get Allah’s (SWT) acceptance. 

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