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Exam is such an important situation which everyone has to face at some point in their life.

The pressure of exams can often lead to anxiety and make it difficult to perform well. But fret not! In this article, we’ll share the most powerful Dua for success in exam, which can provide immense help and support.

Whether you’re prepared or not, the experience of taking an exam can be incredibly stressful and challenging.

Exams play a crucial role in shaping our future by determining our professional paths. 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by exam stress, these prayers can offer you comfort and guidance, helping you to stay focused and confident during this challenging time.

Let’s explore these powerful duas and how they can positively impact your exam journey.

“O Allah, I ask You for beneficial knowledge, good provision, and acceptable deeds.”

(Hisn al-Muslim 95)

Importance of Dua for success in exam

Muslims believe that dua is a direct channel of communication with the Creator and a means to express their hopes, fears, and gratitude.

“the destiny of a person is modified due to the effects of supplications.”

Before embarking on your study session, it’s beneficial to recite dua seeking Allah’s guidance and blessings for effective learning. 

Reciting specific dua during the exam can help alleviate anxiety and nervousness, allowing you to approach the test with a calm and focused mind.

After completing the exam, expressing gratitude to Allah and seeking His acceptance of your efforts is essential. 

Prophet Muhammad always says that every problem solution is available in the Quran; there are many verses and Dua for success in exam.

The Quran underscores the power of Dua. In Surah al-Baqara, verse 186, “Allah assures us, “I’m always near. I answer when you call.” 

This verse teaches us to pray for every problem, big or small, knowing that nothing is too much for Allah. 

It reminds us to turn to Him in times of need, find comfort in His presence, and know that He listens to our prayers.

#1 Most Powerful Dua for success in exams

If you want to succeed in life, recite “Fata’aalal laahul Malikul Haqq; wa laa ta’jal bil Quraani min qabli ai yuqdaaa ilaika wahyuhoo wa qur Rabbi zidnee ‘ilmaa” this dua. You need to recite this dua at Tahajhud at least 1000 times to get Quick acceptance from Allah(SWT).

Dua for success in exam in steps

  • Start with fresh Ablution.
  • Repeat “Al-Fattah” 200 times.
  • After that, recite ayat 114 from “Surah Taha.”
  • Send Salawat upon Prophet(SAW).
  • Finally, pray to Allah(SWT) and be specific in your dua, what you want, and why you want it.

Perform this Dua for one week at the time of Tahajjud salah, and Inshallah, you will be successful in your exams.

If you have less time, remain in your life, and want immediate results, then you can consult our Expert, Molana Basheer Khan, who will guide you with the best Dua according to your situation.

If you think your hard work is not paying you off and your luck did not favor you, then perform this Dua for good luck.

#2 Dua for exams read 7 times

Read this Dua for Exams, “Allahumma inni a’udhu bika mina al-hammi wa al-hazan, wa al-ajzi wa al-kasal, wa al-bukhli wa al-jubn, wa dala’id-dayni wa ghalabatir-rijal” 7 times. You have to perform after doing every salah with the ‘Tasbih’ of Syeda Fatema Zehra to seek Allah’s blessings for your exams.

The meaning of this dua for exams is “O Allah! I seek refuge with You from worry and grief, from incapacity and laziness, from cowardice and miserliness, from being heavily in debt, and from being overpowered by (other) men.”

If you want to protect yourself from the evil eye by seeking Allah’s refuge, perform this powerful Dua for protection from the evil eye and jealousy.

#3 Dua for good result in exam

To obtain good results in the exam, recite, “Qaala Rabbish rah lee sadree Wa yassir leee amree Wahlul’ uqdatan milli saanee Yafqahoo qawlee” this dua. Read this dua after Isha Salah with a pure heart and pray to Allah(SWT) to bless you with good results in the exam.

Method to perform Dua for good result in exam

  • Begin with “Allahu Akbar” (God is the Greatest).
  • Now, read “Surah Al-Fatiha” 100 times.
  • After that, recite verses 25-28 of “Surah Ta-Ha.”
  • Then, prostrate in Sujood and praise Allah(SWT).
  • At last, pray to Allah(SWT) for good result in exam.

You must perform this Dua regularly for 10 days to Seek Allah’s assistance because nothing can occur without his will. Be patient, and have faith in the process. 

Along with this powerful Dua, you can also read Surah for success in everything to get quick effects.

#4 Dua for exam success and good grade

If you want good grades and success in exams, then recite, Allahumma inni astaudi’uka ma qara’tu wa ma hafiztu wa ma ta’allamtu, fardudhu li ilayya’ inda haajati, innaka’ ala kulli syai-in qadir, wa hasbunallahu wa ni’mal wakil” this Dua. You have to recite this dua with complete faith 1000 times for 11 days.

The meaning of this dua is, “O Allah! I entrust You with what I have read, memorised, and studied. Bring it back to me when I need it. Truly, you have power over all things. Sufficient for us is Allah, and (He is) the best Disposer of affairs.”

Perform this Powerful Dua for exam success and good grades to seek Allah’s blessings to get great success in your exams.

If there is something you have wanted for a long time but have not received, pray this Dua to get what you want to obtain.

#5 Dua for getting good marks or results in exam

The best dua for getting good marks or results in exams is “Allahumma afta alayna abwaba rahmateka, wa anshur alyna khazaena uloomeka,” which means, “O Allah, open to us the doors of your mercy and unfold for us the treasure of your knowledge by your mercy.”

You need to perform this Dua for getting good marks in exam at least 500 times before sleeping for 11 days, and inshallah, Allah (SWT) will bless you with good marks by increasing your knowledge in exams.

Wazifa for exam success

  • First, Clean the study area and say “Bismillah.”
  • Burn incense read “Durrood Shareef.”
  • While the incense burns, recite, “Farudduhu’ allaya inda hajati elahi” this dua.
  • Visualize yourself doing well in your exams.
  • Before the exam starts, recite “Durrod Shareef” in the exam hall.
  • Ask Allah(SWT) for success in your exams.

Follow this Wazifa for exam success with a pure heart and faith. Be specific about what you’re asking for, as this will help you easily achieve your goals.

Tips to make effective Dua for success in exam

Here are some tips to make your dua for success in exams more effective:

  1. Perform wudu: Purify yourself spiritually before making dua.
  2. Face Qibla: Position yourself towards the Qibla for reverence.
  3. Right intention: Begin your dua with the sincere intention of seeking Allah’s help.
  4. Privacy: Recite dua in a quiet, private space to focus on your connection with Allah.
  5. Seek guidance: you can take advice from our expert Molana Basheer Khan for a proper solution.
  6. Choose the right time: Optimal times include the last third of the night(Tahajjud) or after salah.
  7. Be specific: Clearly state your requests in front of Allah (SWT) to get quick acceptance.
  8. Trust in Allah: Have full confidence in Allah’s mercy and the power of this Dua for success in exam.


This article provides 5 best Dua for success in exams for better performance to get good grades and results.

This dua works by seeking Blessings from Allah(SWT) to increase your knowledge and remove stress.

Many people use this dua and get excellent results in their exams, and if you recite this dua with sincerity, we assure you that you can also succeed in the exam.

This Dua for exam success invokes Allah’s mercy and wisdom to grant you success in your life.

Ruhani Dua is a website created for the betterment of the Muslim community. All the duas are provided with halal methods to perform specially designed by our Molana Basheer Khan.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Dua for success in exam results?

The best Dua for success in exam results is “Allaahumma waffiqnee fil mut’aala’ti bih’ablee jamee-i’ mushkilaatil masaa-ili minal kutubi birah’matika yaa arh’amar raah’imeen.” You need to recite this dua after Isha Salah at least 320 times to see the best results.

Exam success dua?

Recite Surah Hud ayah 88 to get success in exams. You have to recite, “Wama tawfeeqee illa billahiAAalayhi tawakkaltu wa-ilayhi oneeb,” this verse of “Surah Hud” after Fajr salah 1000 times. You have to recite this Exam success dua for 11 days regulalry without missing.

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