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Our dua for successful Pregnancy has brought great blessings to many women, resulting in successful pregnancies and the birth of healthy children.

This Dua (prayer) continues to be a useful resource for our sisters in need.

After marriage, one wants to start a family as soon as they can. When a couple plans for a child, they want their child to be healthy, happy, and in good shape as soon as it is born.

But in this journey of becoming a parent, one has to face various challenges and only the one who has experienced it knows or understands this struggle deeply.

These challenges can arise from infertility or other factors that prevent Pregnancy.

If you find yourself in such a situation and want to overcome these difficulties and bless your life with a child by seeking Allah’s guidance, know that it’s possible with the help of this Dua.

In this article, we offer guidance and Dua for a successful pregnancy to help you on this journey.

By following our instructions with full faith in Allah Tala, you can overcome all pregnancy-related challenges with ease.

Read through this article carefully, believing in the power of Allah, and implementing the methods to get positive outcomes to your pregnancy concerns.

Follow Some Guidance Before You Start This Dua:

Here are some points to consider before starting the dua for successful Pregnancy:

  1. Ensure you perform all five daily prayers regularly.
  2. Begin with “Sami Allahu liman hamidah,” which means “Allah hears whoever praises Him” after every prayer.
  3. Ask for forgiveness for any past mistakes or shortcomings.
  4. Don’t perform the dua during menstrual periods.
  5. Choose a quiet and private place to recite the dua.
  6. Stay away from consuming haram (forbidden) food and engaging in haram activities.
  7. Maintain “Taqwa” (God-consciousness) and fear of Allah in your actions and intentions.
  8. Do charity, such as feeding poor children, to seek Allah’s blessings and mercy.

Following these guidelines can help create more significance for your dua and increase its effectiveness.


(Book 8, Hadith 185)

#1 Safe pregnancy dua for successful Pregnancy

The best dua for a safe and successful Pregnancy is “RABBI LAA TAD’ARNEE FARDAW WA ANTA KHAYRUL WAARITHEEN.” You need to recite this dua 111 times a day after Isha salah, then blow on your tummy or navel area.

English Meaning: “O my Lord, do not leave me alone (childless), though You are the best of inheritors.” (The dua of Zakariya (A.S.) Surah Al-Anbiya, 89)

It would be best if both husband and wife recite this dua with complete faith in Allah(SWT) 

Method To Perform Dua for Successful Pregnancy

  • Firstly, start with a fresh Ablution.
  • Then repeat “SUBH’AANALLAAH” 70 times.
  • After that, recite verse 89 of “Surah Al-Anbiya.”
  • Now say “ASTAGHFIRULLAAH” and blow upon your tummy.
  • In the end, pray to Allah(SWT) for Successful Pregnancy.

You have to perform this dua for 15 days with complete devotion and faith in Allah Tala and soon Allah(SWT) will bless you with his mercy for Successful Pregnancy.

Follow all the steps carefully, as this will help you in your Pregnancy. We are sharing here the best dua and Wazifa for a successful pregnancy.

Everyone desires a family filled with happiness and blessings from Allah(SWT). However, true family fulfillment often includes the joy of children. 

By Reciting this Dua, you can fulfill your desire to have a healthy baby, and if you have queries, then feel free to contact our Expert, Molana Basheer Khan, for the best dua according to your situation.

If you want Allah’s blessings in the form of a boy or you want to conceive a baby boy, then also include this powerful Dua for baby boy in your prayers.

If you want to save your Pregnancy from any evil or harm, then recite this powerful Dua for protection from evil eyes and jealousy.

#2 Early pregnancy dua for successful Pregnancy

If you want a successful pregnancy on time, then recite, “Rabbi hab lee mil ladunka d’urriyyatan t’ayyibah innaka samee-u’d du’aa” this dua. You should recite this dua 7 times after every salah to get Allah’s blessings for your baby.

English Meaning: There did Zakariya pray to his Lord, saying: “O my Lord! Grant unto me from Thee a pure progeny: for Thou art He that heareth prayer!

How to do Early pregnancy dua for successful Pregnancy

  • Begin with reciting Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem.
  • Then send Salawat upon Prophet(SAW).
  • After that, recite verse 38 of Ali Imran 7 times.
  • Raise your hands and praise Allah (SWT)
  • Finally, keep your right hand on your navel and ask Allah(SWT) to bless you with a healthy baby.

Follow this Dua for 21 days continually without skipping a day. You have to recite this dua early in the morning 505 times, and inshallah Allah (SWT) will soon listen to your Dua and bless you with a successful Pregnancy.

A successful pregnancy means the baby being on time, with minimal pain to the mother, and the baby’s appropriate weight.

For this, the couple takes a lot of actions and precautions. But being prepared before and during Pregnancy is only one part of it. A couple must also turn to Allah(SWT) for help by reciting this Dua sincerely.

#3 Dua for safe Pregnancy 

Perform 2 rakat salat after Jummu-ah prayers, and in rukus and sajdah (of both the Rakats), recite this dua, “Rabbana hablana min azwajina wadhurriyyatina qurrata a’yunin waj’alna lil muttaqeena imama.” After the recitation, pray to Allah(SWT) while raising your hands to grant you a safe pregnancy with less pain and a healthy baby.

This Powerful Dua is taken from Surah Al-Furqan, which means, “Our Lord! Grant unto us wives and offspring who will be the comfort of our eyes, and give us (the grace) to lead the righteous.”

You should perform this dua for 10 Fridays after the Jummu-ah prayer at least 534 times. Follow this Dua regularly with complete faith in Allah (SWT).

This dua to get pregnant in Islam is very powerful. It has helped many couples overcome struggles with conceiving. There are many benefits of this dua, and it also brings Allah’s blessings into your life.

If you are not getting pregnant, then it could be due to something bad like black magic or jinn in the house, so for that, you can perform this powerful Dua for protection from jinn and Dua to remove black magic permanently.

Wazifa for healthy baby during Pregnancy

Your actions during Pregnancy can have a very significant impact on the life of your baby. 

That is why whatever you do during Pregnancy, do it very carefully and Follow this Wazifa for safe Pregnancy with sincerity and complete devotion.


On every Friday in the first month, recite Surah Yaseen and Surah As-Saffat, then blow upon an Apple and pomegranate then eat it.

Also, remember to pray daily with punctuality and rub your hands upon your tummy area.


On every Thursday of the second month, read Salawat 100 times, then recite this dua “WA S’ALLALLAAHU A’LAA MUHAMMADIN WA AALI MUH’AMMAD” upon milk and drink it.

You can also eat a little “Khak-e-Shifa” before sunrise and read Surah Al-Mulk before sleeping.


In the third month, after Fajr Salah, read the verses of “Surah Al Imran” and then recite Slawat 140 times.

After reading the Salawat keep your hand on your baby and then consume some honey.


Recite Surah al Dahar and Surah al Qadr after one 

rakat of Namaz and then read Slalwat and make this Dua “ASTAGHFIR ULLAHA RABBI WA ATUBU ILAYHI.” 100 times.

Follow this for a whole month to seek protection for you and your baby from Allah (SWT).


Read Surah al Fath and Surah al Nasr after isha salah and blow upon some dates then eat it.

During this month, definitely keep your hand on your tummy area while saying Azan and Aqama.


The sixth month is very important and very careful. In this, you must consume figs and olives during breakfast.

Recite Sura al Waqiya chapter 56 every day after Isha Salah and After daily prayers, rub your hand on your tummy and say the beautiful names of Allah(SWT).


In the seventh month, recite Sura An Nahal on Monday, and every Thursday and Friday, recite Surah Yaseen, Surah Mulk, and Surah Qadr. Also, do not forget to recite Salawat 140 times.

Drink Zazmzam water And consume fruits as much as possible this month.


Perform Wuzu, read each Surah from Quran Shareef after every salah.

Sura-e-Qadr (97) 

Sura-e-Ya Seen (36) 

Sura-e-Furqan (25) 

recite Sura-e-Dahar (76)

recite Sura-e-Muhammad (47) Once

This month, consume sweet curd with honey and definitely eat an apple for breakfast on Friday.


In this month, do not eat salty and spicy food at all. 

Keep some things in mind, like not looking in the mirror or photos too often, and also eat dates, fruits, and go for a short walk every day.

Sacrifice a Goat for the Safety of Imam-e-Zamana (a.s.)

Recite Sura al-Asr, Surah Waz Wazariyat, and Sura al-Hajj on Thursdays.

This Wazifa has been made according to 9 months, and if you follow it for a complete 9 months, then you will have a healthy baby with a successful delivery.

Perform this Wazifa for a pure conversation between you and Allah(SWT) and express your sincere intentions.

Your heart should be pure while doing this Wazifa, and if both husband-wife do it, then its benefits increase even more.

By following each of its steps properly, you can make your Pregnancy successful.

This Wazifa will not only provide you with a healthy child but will also get the blessings of Allah through it.

Some Important Things About Safe Pregnancy

Here are some important things you should know about safe Pregnancy:

  1. Take Prenatal Vitamins: Ensure you take prenatal vitamins regularly to support your baby’s development.
  2. Exercise Regularly but Moderately: Engage in regular, moderate exercise to maintain your health and well-being.
  3. Practice Pelvic Floor Exercises: Perform Kegel exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, aiding in childbirth.
  4. Stay Hydrated: Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and support your body’s functions.
  5. Eat a Healthy Diet: Consume a balanced and nutritious diet to provide essential nutrients for you and your baby.
  6. Consult Your Doctor: Always consult your doctor before taking any medication or supplements during Pregnancy.
  7. Manage Stress: Avoid stress and anxiety, as they can affect your reproductive health. 
  8. Pray to Allah for Guidance: Seek Allah’s mercy and guidance through prayers for a healthy and successful pregnancy.
  9. Stay Grounded: Walk barefoot on wet soil to ground yourself and alleviate stress.
  10. Sleep with a Healthy Mind: Before going to bed, pray to Allah(SWT) to maintain a positive mindset.

You can also seek guidance from our Molana Basheer Khan to get proper assistance, and duas according to your situation for a healthy Pregnancy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dua To Get Pregnant

If you want to get pregnant with Allah’s blessings, then recite, “O Allah, the Creator of life, bless me with the gift of motherhood and grant me the power to overcome all the challenges that come during pregnancy.” This dua. You have to recite this dua after every salah at least 444 times for 41 days to get pregnant.

How do I make an effective dua for successful Pregnancy?

Making dua is easy. You must be clear of mind and heart. It is like having a conversation with Allah. But you be honest and must not lie to Him. Now, be sure to take His divine name before making dua for successful Pregnancy. It is a very spiritual dua and is very effective.

Dua for Pregnancy

The best and most effective dua for Pregnancy is “Rabbi Inni Nazratau Laka Mafi Batni Muharranan, fata khabal Miniya, innaka anta samikhoul halimoul.” Recite this dua after Tahahjjud salah 1000 times and keep your hand upon your tummy area.

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