Powerful Dua To Remove Black Magic Permanently [101% Works]
best Dua To Remove Black Magic Permanently - 101% Working

Dua To Remove Black Magic Permanently [101% Works]


As we all know, black magic is not a new word or line; it is coming from a long tradition; you can say that it is coming from our fore-fathers generation.

Black magic is a very unbelievable thing in today’s time. Some are believed in this, or some are not; if someone believed in this due to some reason, because everything is happening on this earth, there is some reason behind this.

In this article, we are sharing dua for iftar. These duas will be helpful to remove black magic. You can also consult with us. Molana Ji is always available on WhatsApp. He’ll surely help you.

Powerful Dua To Remove Black Magic Permanently

Black magic is also known as a ‘Supernatural power.’ The one definition of black magic is like this supernatural power, or magical power is used for personal or selfish purposes. It’s the best dua to return the black magic from where it came from.

  • First, take a bath and wear clean clothes.
  • Now sit namaz posture.
  • Now Recite Durood Sharif 50 times.
  • New Recite below dua at least 100 times.

Bismillahi wa billahi bismillahi wa maa shaa-allaahu bismillahi wa laa hawla wa la quwwata illa 

  • Now, Recite Surah Rahman Verse (#33) 21 times.

This supernatural power is used for personal benefits like this power is used for evil, and for your loved one to control or capture. This supernatural power has lots of stories and secrets. Black magic worked as an important arm or weapon through which your worldly desire fulfilled against your evil and favor in your loved one.

DUA To Remove Black Magic Permanently

Black magic works as negative energy; this negative energy spoils your evil power and work that you want to spoil according to your desire.

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Precautions to perform Dua To Remove Black Magic Permanently

Black magic also works so control someone according to your desire and thought like if you loved someone and liked someone and that person kept a distance from you and ignored you and did not give you attention as much you want so for that purpose, you used this black magic or supernatural power for control and capture. Black magic has the power to control the mind and thoughts.

  • Perform these duas only at night.
  • Only perform these duas when you are alone.
  • If you are a female, then don’t perform these during Menstruation.

We can also call black magic in a way there is such a thing that will work according to you that if you like that your enemy or loved one person can do what you want because of this black magic or supernatural power will do the same things that you go, and the way you want that loved one person and your enemy person will work in the same way .for this all problem there is one solution for that person try this ‘dua to remove magic.’

Powerful DUA To Remove Black Magic Permanently

Islamic Remedies to Cure Black Magic

Black magic captures your body in such a way that you do not understand how your body is working itself.

How many ways do the changes go inside your internal body or part that you will not understand why it is happening? And what is happening is?

You want to be happy, but you are not happy, you have a lot of happiness, but still, you are not able to make yourself happy in it, you will feel this family is useless for me, this family member or person is a stranger who will not make you feel good?

You will always be angry, you will always be mistaken, you will always be sad without any reason, there will be no such things that you should remain stressed, yet you will remain sad.

These are all effects of this black magic or supernatural power. You felt as if you wanted to do something, but you could not do it, and you do not know the reason behind this?

Due to black magic, there will be one person or another person in your house; the reason for that will not be known which disease I have suffered.

It is said that if there is a cure for every disease in the world, then which disease is also treated. It is said that when all the roads are closed, then one way is always open is the path of Allah.

Allah never disappoints his devotees. Never disappoint his people. In the religion of Islam, there is Quran, and in that, there is Surah so that we can avoid black magic and protect ourselves and our family members.

Dua To Remove Black Magic Permanently - 101% Working

Signs or symptoms of black magic

There are some signs of black magic; as soon as someone does black magic on you, then you have all these symptoms in your body.

  • Your body, without any disease, without any injury, without any accident in it, will always feel like pain,; your body will always feel heavy and uneasy.
  • You will feel a different burning sensation and a different warmth in your entire body, which happens without any reason. And there will be no reason behind it, and all these symptoms are symptoms of black magic. There is only one thing that reduced this ‘DUA to remove black magic permanently.’
  • Your heartbeat will start to increase; anytime the heartbeat will start to make a loud sound, the heartbeat will start to decrease, and you will also have trouble breathing.

These all are the symptoms of black magic. Try this ‘DUA to remove black magic permanently.’ One symptom of black magic is that you will feel some different things on your face also.

Such as your face will start to turn pale, your face will go dry, your face will disappear in color and glow; now that face is just yellow appearing more pale face means a more powerful black magic effect.

This happens in very adverse situations: use this ‘how to protect yourself from black magic .’

If you feel hungry again and again and you are eating again and again, and that food is digested quickly going into your stomach, and then you are feeling hungry again, this is also a big reason for black magic.

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Islamic Way to Removing Black Magic

Because of black magic, there will be such things in your house that you have never thought of or have ever understood inside your mind; the person on whom black magic has happened always wants to die inside his mind.

I die I go away from this world that has not been made for me who killed a child in his house, and a pregnant woman child got aborted. Some events happen that you would never have imagined.

Black magic will shake the foundation of your house, and you will not understand which mountain is broken in my house that only sorrow and sadness all around.

There is so much power in it that it will turn your life completely. Black magic is just filling your life with tears of despair and negative energy. The Quran surah is the best way to cure black magic or supernatural power.

Powerful Treatment of Black Magic

As we all know that iron can kill iron, and poison can only cut poison in the same way this good power or energy can kill bad power or energy or vibes.

That can save us from evil power or energy or effect. Try this magical, supernatural power ‘DUA to remove black magic permanently.’

The only thing we have to do is not allow evil forces or power to dominate us. We do not have to fall into those things. We have to completely trust in our Allah.

We have to pray to Allah daily and serve the people with a true heart and in front of Allah, pray for DUA with an open hand and with a sincere heart. Use this for beneficial results ‘DUA to remove black magic permanently.

How to Remove Black Magic?

In this world, everything is possible; nothing is impossible. Try this ‘DUA to remove black magic permanently.’ For this, you have to do some things like you have to take the salt of the ocean in a spoon.

Put it in a bundle and make it like a lump, then takes it away and throw it away where it flows away in the water. Either you can do the other thing that takes the name of your lucky charm which is your favorite person in your life, and either wear a rose pendant on your neck for a total of nine days.

By doing all these things, you will definitely get a solution or cure for troubles and solutions.

Try this ‘DUA to remove black magic permanently.’ As we all know, life is not possible without any problem happiness and sadness is part of our life.

We can do one thing, that is, we always believe in Allah because Allah helps us in every situation, and another is our deed because if you do good deeds, you always get the best result. So do not wait for anything; try this powerful and strong ‘DUA to remove black magic permanently.’


In this article, we have covered many dua to remove black magic permanently. Perform these duas you will get definitely get a result. If you are facing many problems, then you should contact Molana Ji.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it best Dua To Remove Black Magic Permanently?

Yes, These duas are the best dua to remove black magic permanently.

I want to get rid of black magic immediately, What should i do?

You should contact Molana Ji. He will surely help you to get rid of black magic immediately.

Which is the best dua to get rid of black magic?

You can perform any dua from this article.

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