Dua For Protection From Jinn - Wazifa To Protect From Jinn
best Dua for protection from Jinn - Wazifa to Protect from Jinn

Dua for protection from Jinn – Wazifa to Protect from Jinn


Dua for protection from Jinn is achieved by following a set of invocations and supplications that are given in the Qur’an and Sunnah. It is the protection against the evil entity whose existence is spiritual, and that cannot be seen, but rather, it just felt. It is based on the paradigm of monotheism and one’s faith in Allha.

The Imam or the faith healers have tried to educate the normal beings about their existence. Wazifa to protect from jinn establishes a connection with Allah to eliminate the evil whose only existence is in the spiritual realm. In Qur’an, since the beginning, the Prophets and Messengers have sought refuge or guidance within Allah against the evil eye.

One should recite the following statement as the simplest way of seeking refuge with Allah: “I seek refuge with Allah, from the accursed shaytan.”

An example of a Prophetic supplication which serves as Dua for protection from Jinn is: ” I seek refuge with the perfect words of Allah from the evil of what he has created.”

Dua for protection from Jinn, holds a great value of importance since the creation of these beings. Jinn (plural for genie/ jinni) are the rebellious creatures who disagreed with bowing down before Allah’s creation, that is, the human beings. As a result, they faced punishment by Allah and were therefore banished from their realm of existence to a lower level.

The traits of Jinn?

They are not inherently good or bad. They possess the characteristics of childlike behavior. They are very moody. The bad ones or the evil jinn do not pray, unlike the good ones used to praying. Dua for protection from Jinn is important to control Allah’s volatile creatures when they interfere in any normal human being’s life.

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They are invisible to our eyes, which is why we are feared by many human beings on earth, which requires Dua for protection from Jinn to combat these creatures’ evilest. There are cases when a jinn falls in love with someone (mostly women); they tend to offer money to the possessed family.

Dua for protection from Jinn - Wazifa to Protect from Jinn

The early seventh century witnessed Prophet Muhammad spreading the word of the Qur’an. He shared multiple surahs that mentioned Jinn.

It is purely a matter of belief and faith in the almighty- Allah. Dua for protection from Jinn is the most effective when one entrusts Allah for protecting them from the Jinn. Jinn hates humans because of their inferior nature of being mortal and existing in the plane land, with no possession of powers such as what the Jinn have.

Exorcism for treating the possessed?

There is an underlying contrast amongst the Muslims regarding their belief in Jinn. As per their acceptance of Jinn’s existence, some scholars carry out exorcism as a means of healing the patient within whom the jinn resides.

They believe that Dua for protection from Jinn is the verses that make the jinn suffer a lot of pain and force them to leave the patient’s body. It is focused on hurting the spiritual Jinn and not the physical being of the patient.

When does a person seek wazifa to protect from jinn?

Dua for protection from Jinn is for situations when the jinn gets disturbed by a human’s doing, whether it was intentional or unintentional. They come back at them to take revenge.

We cannot avoid or prohibit jinn from our space of living. They are almost everywhere and every time with us. That is why somehow, we are vulnerable to causing them harm and infuriating them.

At times, there are people with special knowledge who victimize a human by attacking them with Jinn. They send jinn to possess their bodies or take command over their lives with the help of magic. Surah for protection from shaitan heals the patient by punishing and forcing the jinn out of their body and the mortals’ lives.

Powerful Dua for protection from Jinn - Wazifa to Protect from Jinn

Jinn’s existence in Islam indicates that they would have to face damnation or salvation, just like mortal humans. Dua for protection from Jinn states verses or surahs from the Qur’an against these dual dimensional creatures that exist in the invisible domain of life.

They have had widespread influence both religiously and culturally in the earlier and later era of Islamic Arabia. They can converse and are also capable of falling in love with the mortal human beings, which then calls for ‘wazifa to protect from jinn’ to be recited to make them leave.

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Their biggest fear might be them becoming forever unable to escape, and they hate the fact of seeing humans evolve. A person who has a firm belief in the almighty and is a follower of good deeds tends to hold a strong personality that is unattractive to the jinn. At times, it still might not be enough for avoiding possession or an attack by the jinn.

Wazifa To Protect From Jinn:

“I seek refuge in Allah from you. I curse you with the curse of Allah”.

The statement holds strong words against the jinn as a part of Dua for protection from Jinn.

“In the name of Allah, I place my trust in Allah. There is no solution, no way out and no power except Allah” – Dua for protection from Jinn when one is leaving their house.

“In the name of Allah, O Allah! Keep us away from shaytan and keep shaytan away from what you bestow upon us.”

Dua for protection from evil that should be recited before sexual intercourse. It aims at protecting a baby that is to be conceived, for the shaytan (satan) to be unable to cause the baby any harm. Dua to protect from shaitane one rise in the morning:

“I seek refuge in Allah from Satan, the outcast. Allah! No one’s worthy of worship but He, the ever-living, the one who sustains and protects all that exists. Neither slumber nor sleep overtakes him.

Who is he that can intercede with Him except with his allowance? He knows what happens to them in this world and what will happen to them in the hereafter. And they will never encompass anything of His knowledge except which is according to his wills. His throne extends over the heavens and the Earth, and he feels no tiredness in guarding and preserving them. And he is the highest and the greatest.”

Perform this Dua for protection from Jinn

This is the best dua for protection from evil. Recite this dua every day at least 500 times.

“Bismilla hil lazhi laa ya durru maA ismihi shay un fil ardi walaa fi  sama wa huwas samee ul Aaleem”

During the process of an exorcism, before beginning to recite dua, if the patient is a female, she should be wearing a hijab. There should be no man in the room wearing any gold ornament or not possess any such thing prohibited in Islam. It should be removed. There should be no kind of pictures lying around in the room.

Dua for protection from Jinn - Wazifa to Protect from Jinn

There should not be any dog in the house. Two or four men are needed to hold the body of the possessed as the Imaam, or the Maulana carries out the procedure chanting Dua for protection from Jinn.

The ones present in the room should remember that even they are vulnerable to getting possessed, and so at the end of the exorcism, they should recite three specific surahs while following what is called as – khud ko dum karke rakhein. It is for protecting themselves; it forms a part of wazifa to protect from jinn.

Ayatul Qursi is the aayat chanted for seeking protection against the jinn. A Muslim should lead a life disciplined with the timely reading of the Namaz, should follow the rituals of Islam, and should lead a pure life based on good deeds. These mannerisms serve as an act of defense against evil.

The prayers, as mentioned in Qur’an, seek blessings from Allah. It seeks guidance from Allah against all the hardships or troubles that his creations have to go through.


This article is all about Dua for protection from Jinn. If you are thinking that you are in control of Jinn. It’ll be very harmful for you. You should contact Molana Ji.

In the end, the person has to have believed that whatever happens because they might not be familiar with it. Islam teaches it’s followers never to question the will of Allah and accept whatever fate has to offer them.

Frequently asked question

Q.1 Does jinn fear Allah?

Ans. The evil jinn is notorious and does not fear Allah. But dua still protects against them.

Q.2 Does the jinn belong to hell or heaven?

Ans. Jinn is a dual personality who initially was a part of the angels and resided in heaven but later were banished into a lower spiritual realm because of their misdeeds.

Q.3 Does jinn know how to read and write?

Ans. Jinn can see and hear things; they cannot read or write.

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