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Our Strongest dua for Hajat has fulfilled the wishes of many believers, and we assure you that you can also achieve any desire with the help of this Dua.

The Dua for Hajat is a prayer specifically aimed at seeking the fulfilment of one’s needs and desires from Allah (SWT).

A “Hajat” is a specific wish or dream that a person has. It’s not just any ordinary dream but something particular and defined. 

For instance, wanting to succeed in exams could be considered a Hajat. Often, we hope that our dreams will come true right away.

Allah (SWT) has given us solutions to every problem in the Holy Quran. It contains many special prayers called dua for Hajat. By following these, your wishes can be granted right away, as soon as Allah(SWT) approves.

Allah(SWT) has guided you to the right place, so read the article till the end to learn the right method to perform this Dua. 

“And your Lord says, ‘Call upon Me; I will respond to you.’ Indeed, those who disdain My worship will enter Hell [rendered] contemptible.”

(Quran 40:60)

Salatul Hajat Dua: The Prayer of Urgent Need

Salatul Dua Hajat, often referred to as the prayer of urgent need, holds a special place in the hearts of believers seeking divine intervention. 

This prayer is performed in times of distress, desperation or when one is in dire need of assistance from Allah.

It is a profound expression of reliance on the Divine, invoking His mercy and guidance to alleviate difficulties and fulfil desires.

Your Hajat, or wish, can be anything important to you. It could be a student who wants to score good marks in exams, a couple longing to start a family, or a business person seeking success in their ventures.

If you find yourself in need, whether it’s for one of these reasons or any other genuine and permissible cause, then this dua for immediate Hajat is for you.

“Nothing can change the Divine decree except dua.”

Sunan Ibn Majah 4022

Guidance before making this Dua for hajat

Here are some simple points to consider before making dua for Hajat:

  1. Clear Intentions: Have sincere and honest intentions.
  2. Be Specific: Clearly state your wish in front of Allah.
  3. Give Charity: Offer even a small charity before making dua.
  4. Perform Wudu: Ensure you’re in a state of ablution.
  5. Choose the Right Time: Make dua during special times like the last third of the night or Fridays.
  6. Seek Forgiveness: Ask for forgiveness for any mistakes or shortcomings.

Following these simple steps can help you approach Dua for Hajat with sincerity and increase the effectiveness of your Dua.

Strongest Dua for hajat


Meaning & Reference:

“Our Lord! Pour out constancy on us and make our steps firm: Help us against those that reject faith.” This dua is taken from Surah Al Baqarah(Quran, 2:250).

Method to Perform Strongest Dua for hajat

  1. Wake up early and do Wuzu.
  2. Read Durood Shareef 11 times.
  3. Then repeat ALLAHU RABBI LA SHAREEKA LAHOO” 100 times.
  4. After that, recite. verse 50 of “Surah Al Baqarah”
  5. Again, read Durood Shareef 11 times.

Follow this Dua for 14 days regularly with complete faith, and Inshallah Allah(SWT) will fulfil your Hajat soon.

If you have any doubts or want Dua for Immediate Hajat, then you can consult for free with our Expert Molana Basheer Khan, who will assist you with the best Dua’s according to your situation.

You can also include this powerful Dua to get what you want to get more effective outcomes in fulfilling your desires.

If you’re seeking a dua to improve your love life, consider reciting this powerful Dua for love success. It can transform your love into marital bliss.


(Jami` at-Tirmidhi 3373)

Powerful dua for urgent need in steps: 

  • Begin with Wuzu(Ablution).
  • Offer two Rakat salat after ablution.
  • Read Alhamdu Shareef 11 times.
  • After that, recite “ya Musabbebal Asbab” and “SubhanALLAHI Wabi Hamdihee SubhanALLAHil’ Azeem” 342 times.
  • Raise your hands, and make dua to Allah(SWT) for your urgent need. 

You have to perform this dua for urgent needs with complete faith in Almighty Allah after every Salah to seek his help to fulfil your urgent needs.

We all know nothing is impossible for Allah(SWT), and to complete your impossible desire, you can seek Allah’s blessings by reciting Dua to fulfil impossible wishes.

Dua for hajat fulfilment

Once you’re certain your dream is achievable, you can proceed to the next step: making Dua for hajat fulfilment. Here’s how to enhance this dua:

  • After the morning prayer, recite “Durood e Inam.”
  • Say “Bismillah Hir Rehmanir Raheem” 2100 times.
  • Recite Surah Kausar 129 times.
  • Repeat “Ya Aleemo” 300 times.
  • Finally, ask Allah(SWT) to fulfil your Hajat.

Follow this dua for two weeks after every salah to gain Allah’s blessing for Hajat fulfilment.

We all understand that success comes from a mix of hard work and good luck. To enhance your efforts with good fortune, recite this powerful Dua for good luck.

wazifa for urgent hajat

Before starting this wazifa, ensure your Hajat is clear and sincere.

  • Begin this Wazifa after Friday prayer.
  • Offer two Rakat salat after ablution.
  • After that recite this dua,”AllahummaInni As-alukawa at wajjahuilayka bi Muhammadin-Nabiyy-rRahmatiya Muhammadu InniQadTuwajjahtubikailaa rabbi fee HajateeHazihi li-tuqzaailaaAllahummafashaff’ihuFiyya.”
  • Then blow upon the glass of Zamzam water and drink it.
  • Finally, ask Allah (SWT) to help you achieve your Hajat.

Do not feel shy to ask for help from Allah. We are all the children of the Almighty, and He always helps His followers.

Follow this Wazifa for urgent Hajat for at least 15 days with sincerity to seek Allah’s guidance in achieving your Hajat.


This article provides three effective and strongest dua for Hajat through which you can achieve your goals and wishes.

This Dua helps to attract Allah’s blessings and mercy in your life to fulfil your needs and your urgent Hajat.

Many believers achieve success in their lives, and you can also make this happen by reciting this dua sincerely.

This Dua for hajat fulfilment helps you get closer to Allah(SWT), due to which Allah(SWT) showers mercy upon you.

Ruhani Dua is a website created for the betterment of the Muslim community, and all the Dua provided here are specially designed by Molana Basheer Khan for all aspects of life.

We hope you got your problem solution. If you have any questions about powerful dua for Hajat, you can ask us on WhatsApp.

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