Powerful Dua to fulfill impossible wishes [101% Work]


Everyone reaches a moment in their lives when they want to turn anything impossible into possible. We know that this is only in the hands of our Creator, Allah(SWT), who only has the power to make it happen.

But you should not be worried because Allah(SWT) has given all the solutions to every problem, and you only need the vision to find it.

This article will help you through this Powerful Dua to fulfill impossible wishes; read this article till the end so that you do not miss anything and you get the complete effect of the dua.

Many people achieve their goals with the help of this Dua, and we promise you if you do this dua sincerely. You can very easily make anything impossible possible.


(Sunan Ibn Majah 4022)

How does dua to fulfill impossible wishes work?

Dua is essential in Islam because it’s like having a heartfelt conversation with Allah. It brings us closer to God and helps us feel His mercy and love.

We often have desires that seem impossible to fulfill, like recovering from any disease, financial difficulties, or fixing a broken relationship, but Allah(SWT) has given solutions for all the difficulties, and we can make any impossible thing possible through this dua.

Yes, this may sound like a big deal, and it won’t be easy to believe, but the beauty of faith lies in the belief that nothing is impossible when seeking Allah’s guidance through powerful dua.

Allah is the most benevolent and kind. He listens to all His followers’ problems, knowing the solutions and answers to each. 

Therefore, you should perform dua with all your heart, even for things that seem impossible to you.

Dua, to fulfill impossible wishes, works by connecting with the Divine, seeking guidance, forgiveness, and, most importantly, the fulfillment of their wishes.

In addition to powerful dua, certain steps complement the effectiveness of the Dua, which we learn further in this article.

“There is nothing more noble to Allah the Glorified, than supplication.”

(Sunan Ibn Majah 3829)

Note: Our Molana Basheer Khan is against Black magic, and all the information provided in this article is halal and helps you to seek Allah’s blessings.

#1 Dua To Fulfill Impossible Wishes

If you want to fulfill your impossible wishes, then recite this dua “Yaaa ayyuhal laazeena aamanus ta’eenoo bissabri was Salaah; innal laaha ma’as-saabireen” taken from Surah Al-Baqarah (Chapter 2, Verse 153).

This powerful verse from the Quran can attract Allah’s mercy to fulfill your wishes.

Dua To Fulfill Impossible Wishes
This powerful Dua To Fulfill Impossible Wishes help you attract Allah’s blessing in fulfilling your all wishes.

Dua To Fulfill Impossible Wishes in Steps:

  • Firstly, recite Surah Al-Fatiha.
  • Recite “Durood e enam” thrice.
  • After that, read verse 153 of Surah Al-Baqarah 1000 times.
  • Again, read “Durood e enam” thrice.
  • At last, raise your hands and ask Allah(SWT) to grant your wishes.

Perform this Dua To Fulfill Impossible Wishes for 11 days, and Inshallah Allah(SWT) will bless your dua to fulfill wish.

Dua To Fulfill Impossible Wishes
Here is step by step method to perform Dua To Fulfill Impossible Wishes to seek Allah’s blessings.

Many times, the reason for continuous denial, rejection, and work stoppages can be due to black magic. To address this, perform dua to remove black magic permanently.

#2 Powerful Dua for impossible to possible

If you want anything impossible to become possible, then recite, “Wallazeena jaahadoo feenaa lanahdiyannahum subulana; wa innal laaha lama’al muhsineen” this dua. You have to recite this dua after any prayer to get Allah’s guidance.

This Dua encourages believers to make efforts in the path of Allah, with the promise of divine guidance.

Dua for impossible to possible
Perform this powerful Dua for impossible to possible to get Allah’s help in granting your desires.

Method to Perform Powerful Dua for Impossible to possible

  1. Start with a fresh Ablution(Wudu).
  2. Recite “Bismillah hir-Rahma Nir-Raheem.”
  3. Invoke “Ayatul Kursi” three times.
  4. After that, read verse 69 of “Surah Al-Ankabut” 1000 times.
  5. Lastly, pray to Allah(SWT) to make that impossible thing possible.

Follow this Dua for 15 days, and you have to recite it at least 1000 times after any prayer to get Allah’s blessings.

Dua for Impossible to possible
Learn the method to perform Dua for Impossible to possible to gain Allah’s mercy in completing your all desires.

You can also read another powerful Dua to get what you want and seek Allah’s blessings for more effective results.

If you are constantly facing obstacles in your life and your works are not getting fulfilled, then you should follow this Dua for protection from evil eyes and jealousy.

If you have any Doubts or Queries, then you can consult Our expert via WhatsApp to get a detailed solution for your problem.

#3 Dua to make impossible possible

Here is the best Dua to make impossible possible recite, “Qaala Rabbish rah lee sadree Wa yassir leee amree Wahlul ‘uqdatan milli saanee Yafqahoo qawlee.” Perform this dua after any namaz and pray to Allah(SWT) to make impossible possible.

Dua to make impossible possible
Perform this powerful Dua to make impossible possible with complete faith and right intentions to get quick acceptance from Allah(SWT).

Method to perform Dua to make impossible possible

  • Start with Ablution.
  • Read “La ilaha illa Allah” 100 times.
  • After that, recite Surah Taha (Verse 25-28) at least 1000 times.
  • Now, raise your hands and make dua in your own words.
  • At last, ask Allah(SWT) to make impossible possible.

Perform this dua to make the impossible happen with complete faith in Allah(SWT). You have to recite this dua for 16 days without skipping to get complete effects.

Dua to make impossible possible
Perform this method to perform Dua to make impossible possible correctly to get quick effects of this dua.

Note: You can use any dua according to you, as all the Dua written here are equally powerful and effective.

Precautions while performing Dua to fulfill impossible wishes

  • Sincerity of Intention: Ensure that your intention is purely to seek Allah’s help and guidance.
  • Clarity in Wishes: Clearly express your wishes to Allah. Be specific about what you’re asking for.
  • Patience: Understand that Allah’s timing may differ from your expectations, so practice patience.
  • Avoid Dua: Women shouldn’t practice this Dua to fulfill impossible wishes during menses as it is considered an impure stage.
  • Seek Forgiveness: Begin your dua by seeking forgiveness for any shortcomings or sins.
  • Face the Qibla: Whenever possible, face the Qibla (the direction of the Kaaba in Mecca) while making dua.
  • Charity: Accompany your dua with acts of charity, even small ones. It will help in your Dua effectiveness.
  • Appropriate Times: Choose appropriate times for your dua, such as the last third of the night, Fridays, and rainy moments. 

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Surah to fulfill impossible wishes

Recite verse no.36 of Surah Yaseen after isha salah before sleeping and imagine the thing or work you want to achieve. Perform this for 1 week, and inshallah Allah (SWT) will help fulfill your wishes that seem impossible.

Surah Yaseen, Chapter 36 of the Quran, is highly believed by many to have various benefits, including seeking Allah’s help in challenging situations. 

Surah to fulfill impossible wishes
Read this Powerful Surah to fulfill impossible wishes to invoke allah’s blessings and mercy in your life.


This article provides three powerful Dua to fulfill impossible wishes to seek Allah’s blessings to complete your wishes.

If you want to achieve something in your life that seems impossible, then only Allah(SWT) has the power to make it possible. 

Don’t worry. We promise you that if you perform this Dua to fulfill impossible wishes with complete faith in the Almighty Inshallah, you will get what you like.

This dua has helped many people achieve great things in their lives, and you can sincerely make your dreams into reality by making this dua.

Ruhani Dua is a website created for the betterment of the Muslim community, and all the information provided here is halal and follows Islamic principles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Asking Allah for something impossible

“Oh Allah, You are the Most Powerful. If it is within Your will, make the impossible possible for me. Grant me strength and guidance to overcome this challenge. I place my trust in You, If it is best for me, make the impossible a reality. Ameen.”

Dua for impossible to become possible

For making something impossible to become possible, recite, “Qad aflahal mu’minoon Allazeena hum fee Salaatihim khaashi’oon” this dua. Perform this dua after every Salah for 15 days and seek Allah’s guidance quickly. 

which dua make impossible to possible

One powerful Surah that is often recited for seeking help in difficult situations and to make the seemingly impossible possible is Surah Al-Falaq (Chapter 113) and Surah Al-Ikhlas (Chapter 112) are helpful for seeking Allah’s support in challenging situations.

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