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People around us will care for us; protests encourage us to achieve something. They support us when we are in problems. In a husband and wife relationship, one will care for another. They protect their relationship. That bond is too tough to break. If your husband doesn’t love you and you are searching dua for husband back, then you are in right place. Here we are sharing best dua for husband back. All duas are best you can perform anyone.

Read this article carefully, don’t skip any part of this article, Because every dua has a proper procedure, If you will not perform dua according to the procedure, Your dua will not accept. Before performing any dua you should keep in mind that Duas and Wazifa work slowly. Dua For Husband Back

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Husbands and wives are precious gifts to each other without anyone; their lives become miserable.  Allah is the most powerful and beneficient he always do best.

Allah is the creator of this beautiful world. He has the power to do anything. He is capable of molding people into great personalities. He is so powerful if we offer prayers for him with a true heart, he will definitely respond. He is the ruler of this great world. He has blessed us with some beautiful relations out of the wife and husband relationship is obvious. He created this world with so many different types of people.

Dua For Husband Back

Perform This Dua For Husband Back

Marriage is the best part of everyone’s life. Marrying an incorrect choice can destroy your life completely. So be careful while marrying a person.  There may be a lot of disputes between husband and wife, but that relationship or that bond makes them live together. If you are struggling to get back your husband then perform this dua for husband back. Recite this dua daily 2 times after Fajr namaz &  Isha Namaz.

Wa annaa lammaa sami’nal hudaaa aamannaa bihee famany yu’min bi rabbihee falaa yakhaafu bakhsanw wa laa rahaqa

It’s the best dua to bring husband back. Allah will definitely help you.

Marriage makes everyone’s life fulfilled with happiness and joy.  Some marriages make one’s lives happier, while some other’s lives become sorrowful.  Marriage is a big dream or a big function in everyone’s life. It is a life turning point. Marriage is a lifelong commitment.  Marriage is a gift of Allah to us. We should not ruin or damage that great commitment. Marriage life is a complicated life with many ups and downs, compromises, and sacrifices.

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Powerful Dua For Husband And Wife To Get Back Together

In wife and husband relationship, they must say I love you when it is necessary to say as well as say sorry and thanks wherever they are required to tell.  Try to reach upto the expectations of your spouse. Go outside for occasions and spend some quality time together It’ll definitely work & also perform this dua for husband and wife to get back together.

Ya Wadoodoo Ya Ra’ufoo Ya Raheemo

Always try to Surprise your partner and celebrate the functions and give some gifts on some special days, which makes your partner think like you are always thinking about them and caring for them. Show your affection and feeling for them.

Perform This Dua For Husband Back

These activities make them both lead a happy and beautiful life together. Sharing our thoughts also makes your bond stronger.  The wife and husband must ignore the bad times in their lives. This type of thing makes the lives of husband and wife happier and makes their bond stronger. Understanding and respecting each other’s feelings also is a great thing in married life.


How to perform dua for husband to come back?

Before performing any dua or Wazifa you should know the exact procedure of any dua. Here is the full procedure to perform dua for husband to come back.

  • First, You should know that you are clean not from only clothes also should be from the heart.
  • Now make wudu.
  • Now talk Allah’s beautiful names to call Him. E.g., Al-Rahman, Al-Raheem, Al-Khaliq
  • Now Recite dua mentioned in this article.

Precautions to perform dua for husband back

  1. Always perform this dua when you are alone. If someone is there don’t perform these duas.
  2. Don’t perform these duas during periods.
  3. Don’t perform these duas for lust. Always perform these only for your husband.

Some tips to get back husband

Pre-marital affair is one of the important reasons for the separation of husband and wife.  Some situations also lead to the separation of wife and husband.  If wife and husband cannot understand and respect each other feelings, that makes them feel sad and leads to apply for divorce, nothing but it is the separation of wife and husband.  Not spending time with your wife also might be the reason for their separation.

The husband plays a key role in the married life. He always wants his wife to obey him. He cares for the family. He might be a little busy at work but definitely thinks about his wife for sure. He loves her a lot, but sometimes he may not express it.

Wives think of their husbands as to the god to them. They obey their husband’s words. They followed him in each and everything. Wives compromise and sacrifice many things for the sake of their husbands.  Every wife expects love and respect from her husband.  She cares and shows concern for him in any situation. She always stays with their husbands when they are facing difficult situations.  Wives always try to give their best for husbands.

 If the husband leaves their wives due to some reasons during that time, wives will be depressed. They cannot stay without their husband so that they will try to stop him in different ways. Wives bear that pain of leaving her alone. She gets disheartened in that situation.

Powerful Dua For Husband Back - 100% Working

How to convince the husband to stay together?

  •  If the wife wants to stay together.
  •  She should try to convince her husband to live together.
  •  She must and should discuss their lives after separation and before separation.
  •  She should try to explain how valuable he is in her life.
  •  Apologize to him if she commits the mistake.
  •  She must try to solve the problem by discussing with both the families.
  •  She can express her love and affection for him.
  •  She should try to recollect the beautiful moments which are long-lasting in their lives.
  •  Make him cool by doing his favorite dishes and work, etc.
  •  If her husband is not convinced with those activities.
  •  She should stop all those because that may lead to worse situations if he is angry with her.

Still, if her partner cannot understand the feelings of her spouse towards him, she should recite the dua for husband to come back. Keep the full focus on Allah and perform the dua. This dua for husband to come back is very effective. This dua is direct communication with Allah to tell your problems. Allah always listens to the people who remember him.

If you perform this with heart, definitely, he will bless you and reunites husband and wife.  This dua for husband back is very powerful and gives the solution faster.  It may not take a few couples of weeks to work, but it takes only a few days for husband to come back to his wife.  Sometimes this dua will work instantly if it is offered with great confidence and with faith in God.

This dua will help you to make your relationship strong. Not only this dua but also dua to reunite husband and wife, and this dua makes them live together happily and increase love between the couples, reduce fights, and increase understanding between them. This dua to reunite husband and wife is very useful. This dua makes them spend their whole life together with sweet memories.


Many people worldwide performed this dua with a pure heart and received or blessed with amazing results within a few days.  This dua was taken from the holy book Quran. It will help wives to bring back their husbands.  After coming to the house, husbands change their behavior and become polite. He will respect his wife and behaves well.

This dua makes him responsible. The dua for husband back is the best remedy for wives who have faced wrath with their husbands.  It will completely change your husband’s nature and gives your desired results within a few couples of days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best dua for husband back?

I have mentioned many duas in this article, You can perform any dua from these. If you don’t have trust in duas, You should contact Molana Ji.

How can I increase my husband’s love?

If you want to increase love in your husband’s heart then perform this dua Wa-alqaytu ‘Alayka ma’habbatan minnee walitusna-‘a ‘ala A’aynee. This is the best dua to increase love in the husband’s heart.

Which Surah is good for marriage?

Surah Taaha Ayat 131 and Ayat 132 is the best surah for marriage.

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