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Powerful Dua For Something That Seemed Impossible [101% Work]

Powerful Dua For Something That Seemed Impossible [101% Work]

Allah is the most benevolent and kind. He listens to all of his followers’ problems. He knows the solution and answers to all of these problems. Not only that, He shares them with His followers and His children. For example, if you have lost true love and make a sincere and honest dua for something that seemed impossible, you will come back to you with a few more actions from your side. This is because Allah helps only those who know to help themselves. There are many more situations where we feel like no one can help us, not even Allah. But He is called the Almighty for a reason.

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The problems which we face in life are not always straight forward and simple. Many times, we need to take an alternative path to solve them. Often, we don’t even know how to solve these problems, and we make mistakes while trying to solve them, complicating the situation even more. During these times, when one makes a dua for something that seemed impossible to Allah, He always listens and offers a solution or shows an alternate path to take. He does not communicate with us directly, but He shows us the path to our salvation in the form of subtle signs and feelings.

Dua For Something That Seemed Impossible

While asking Allah for something impossible, we must avoid begging or pleading. Or else your dua for something that seemed impossible will not work. We must prove to Allah that we are honest and that our intentions are true and pure. For this, we must first repent our sins even before beginning to offer a dua for something that seemed impossible. Keeping your mistakes and sins in front of Allah will also help you get rid of your guilty feeling. Remember, you cannot rush this step for turning something impossible into possible. If you want to make your impossible dream a reality, you must make a proper and honest dua.

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Allah always helps those who help themselves and others. When you know what your problem is and understand what caused it, you are more capable of solving those problems. Therefore, it is obvious that to clear a hurdle in life, you must first know what is causing it and what its roots are. You can ask yourself these questions to find out the root cause of the problem:

  • What started the problem?
  • How did it start?
  • What is its severity?
  • Why is it growing in severity?

Perform This Dua Dua for Something that Seemed Impossible

Asking Allah for something impossible would seem like begging and pleading. However, for Allah, nothing is impossible. He is all-knowing, and His powers know no bounds. His bounty is infinite, and we are sure to get a part of it. Now, there are dua for something to happen fast, but these must be used only in emergencies, and when you have no other option. That being said, the procedure for making a dua to convert impossible to possible is the same as any other dua.

Follow this procedure to start a dua:

  1. Make a fresh wudu or ablution. Be sure to be clean of mind as well. Before asking anything from Allah, one must be clean of any impurities of the body and of the soul.
  2. Clean and prepare your space for prayer. Clean the prayer mat and align it properly to face the direction of Mecca, the holy land. A clean body requires a clean space.
  3. Open your prayers. Start with invoking Allah’s name by saying, “Allah Akbar,” meaning “Allah is the greatest.” Then follow these steps:
    Recite the Istefah Dua or opening prayer, which goes as follows: “Subhana Kal-lah hum-ma Wabi hamdika wata-bara kasmuka wata’ala jad-duka wala ilaha ghyruk.”
    2. Recite the Ta’awwuz dua, which reads: “A’udhu bil-lahi minash Shayta-nir-Raheem.”
    3. Finally, recite the Tasmiah, which is the following: “Bismillah hir-Rahma Nir-Raheem.”
  4. After you are done with making Dua, be sure to thank Allah for everything.

A dua for urgent need is also similar to a dua for something that seemed impossible in the fact that both of them share the same surah. The surah Maryam is very powerful and spiritual.

Making dua is like having an honest conversation with God. And, one must have this conversation from the heart, without the stain of lies or bad intent on your soul. Like mentioned before, one must also repent their sins and put forth their mistakes. Ask Allah for forgiveness for your Haram and also ask Him to make you Halal or “pure.”

Perform this Dua For Something That Seemed Impossible

Dua To Convert Impossible To Possible

Now, there might be a situation where you might want to convince someone for a specific thing. Maybe you want to convince your parents to marry someone you love. Or maybe you want to convince your boyfriend or girlfriend to marriage. There are many examples where you would want to make dua to convince someone for something. This dua only helps you convince someone and does not work if you do not communicate with them.

Once you have prepared for your prayers, recite the following verses to make dua to convince someone for something:

  • Read “Inna Allah Yusmiyu Mayyashao.”
  • Recite the 22ndverse from the surah Fatir 111 times.

Powerful Dua For Something That Seemed Impossible - 101% Working

Precautions to Dua for Something that Seemed Impossible

Making proper dua and reciting it correctly is important for it to work. There are a few precautions one must take while making dua for something that seemed impossible and any other dua. They are listed below:

  1. Understand the dua.

Make sure you understand what you are saying and what dua you are making. You can look up the meaning of the verses in the Quran or online. If you still are not confident about making dua in Arabic, you can make dua in your own language. God made all humans and, in turn, all languages.

  1. Do not rush.

There is no need to rush yourself while making dua. Avoid reading the verses fast or in haste. Moreover, we should also not rush Allah. Allah listens to all of our problems and knows the solutions to them all. However, we must not put Him on a time-table. Having patience is a virtue.

  1. Select an appropriate time.

While making dua for something that seemed impossible, it is important to know the time. The prophet Muhammad mentioned some specific times when your dua has the highest chance of being accepted. For example, in the early morning, when the rain falls, etc.

  1. Be considerate and humble.

Making dua is having a conversation with God. Do not shout or yell while making dua to show off; neither be shy or afraid of being overheard. Speak in a normal voice and recite the dua with humility. Be considerate of the people around you, like your neighbors. Make sure your dua does not disturb them or interferes with their lives.

  1. Embrace submission in Allah.

You must have absolute certainty that Allah will answer your prayer. Know that nothing happens in this world without His will. That being said, submit to his will and have faith. Remember that we are all His children, and He cares for all of our well-being. He only puts forth difficulties and hurdles in our lives so He can test if we are worthy of Heaven.

Making sure these precautions are taken care of can make dua for something that seemed impossible. Like for example, finding your lost or stolen belongings even after you have searched high and low for them.  Be sure to follow the prophet Muhammad’s teachings. He was one of the ideal men to live on Earth, and one should always aspire to reach Heaven through His teachings.

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