Powerful Wazifa to control husband [101% Working]


Are you looking for a way to improve your relationship with your husband? There’s a special practice called “Wazifa to control husband” that can help. 

One particular Wazifa, known as “Ya Maniu,” is believed to have the power to influence and control husbands positively. Let’s explore what this means and how it can benefit you.

In a marriage, a husband plays a crucial role, and it’s natural for a wife to want her husband to listen to her. When a woman leaves her family to start a new life with her husband, he becomes her whole world. However, if the husband doesn’t listen or show respect, it can be very upsetting for the wife.

Sometimes, a marriage can suffer because of the husband’s bad habits. Nothing hurts a wife more than feeling ignored and unappreciated by her husband.

If you’re facing this kind of situation, don’t lose hope. Allah has provided guidance, and through this Wazifa, you can positively influence your husband and help him understand you better.


Tirmidhi, Ibn Hibban.

Wazifa to control husband

You are depressed and sad about your husband not loving you even if you give a hundred percent to him. You should perform this powerful Wazifa to seek Allah’s help to improve your husband.

This secure and powerful Wazifa to control your husband can help you sort out all your problems or issues with your husband and will help you improve your husband in a completely halal way.

If you want control over all the bad habits of your husband and want him to leave them, then Follow this Wazifa.

Method to Perform Wazifa to Control Husband 

  1. Begin by performing the Asr Fard prayer.
  2. Recite the “Durood Shareef” nine times.
  3. Repeat the name of Allah “Ya Moakhir-O” 864 times.
  4. Take a photo of your husband and recite Surah Al Kahf – 18:10, then blow on it.
  5. Recite the “Durood Shareef” nine times again.
  6. Pray to Allah(SWT) to help you gain control over your husband for his well-being.

Perform this Wazifa, without a miss, for 11 days and you need to perform this after every Fard salah on a daily basis.

We know that wazifa and duas are work slowly if you don’t have time and want immediate results. You can consult with our expert Molana Ji and get Dua’s and wazifa according to your situation.

If your husband is behaving very rudely and angrily towards you, and you want to control his anger, then perform this “Dua for aggressive husband.”

If your husband stays away from you these days and does not even talk to you properly, then to attract him towards you learn How to attract your husband sexually in Islam.

Dua to control husband

If you want to control your husband recite this dua, “O Allah, the Source of all guidance, help me guide my husband towards righteousness and understanding ,grant me the ability to positively influence my husband’s heart and mind and bless us with peace and happiness in our lives. Ameen”  atleast for 1000 times.

You have to recite this dua for 15 days after Isha salah with complete faith to get Allah’s approval for your dua.

Make sure you imagine the face of your husband or loved one or partner while reciting this powerful Dua to control husband.

If for any reason your marriage is breaking and there is situation of divorcebetween you then you pray this Powerful Dua to stop divorce to save your marriage.

To increase love and strenghten your bond recite Dua to increase love between husband and wife.

Ya Maniu Wazifa for husband

Here’s Ya Maniu Wazifa for husband for improving the relationship with your husband:

  1. Write your name and your partner’s name on a piece of paper.
  2. Fold the paper 7 times and hold it in your right hand.
  3. Recite “Ya Maniu” 313 times.
  4. Then recite the verse: “Wahu val lazi khalkas samavati val arz bil haqqi wa yauma ya qulu kun faya kun qu Luhu al haqqo wa lahu al mulqu yauma yun fakhu fis soore aleem ul ghaiybe va shahadate wahu val hakeem ul khabeer.”
  5. Recite “Surah Al-Fatiha” again and blow on the paper.
  6. Place the paper in water and keep the water near your bed for two days.
  7. After two days, dispose the paper in a lake or river.


  • Perform this dua on Saturday.
  • Maintain ablution (Wudu) while reciting.
  • Avoid reciting this dua twice for the same person.

Following these steps, this wazifa to control your husband’s behavior can be effective.

Repeat this Wazifa daily after Fajr or Isha prayer for 21 days. Have faith in Allah’s mercy and believe that He will grant your prayers according to what is best for you and your husband.

Ya Maniu benefits for control husband

 Ya Maniu for controlling husband for his well-being have several potential benefits:

  1. Conflict Resolution: Reciting “Ya Maniu” helps couples resolve conflicts peacefully, reducing arguments.
  2. Healthy Decision-Making: Seeking Allah’s help through “Ya Maniu” encourages couples to make decisions together based on mutual understanding.
  3. Stress Reduction: The act of reciting “Ya Maniu” promotes relaxation and reduces stress, allowing couples to approach challenges with a calm mind.
  4. Increased Compassion: By invoking Allah’s name, couples cultivate compassion towards each other and leading to greater support.
  5. Improved Intimacy: Reciting “Ya Maniu” together strengthens the emotional intimacy between husband and wife, deepening their love for each other.
  6. Renewed Faith: The act of reciting “Ya Maniu” strengthens couples’ faith in Allah’s guidance and mercy, providing them with guidance in overcoming marital difficulties.


This article provides a powerful solution to bring your husband on the right path called “Wazifa to control husband.”

This Wazifa works by seeking Allah’s help with right intentions and sincerity to improve your husband.

Many women have saved their homes and improved their husbands through this wazifa. 

This wazifa is the perfect solution. It brings happiness in your marriage with the blessings of Allah Taala.

We assure you that you can also influence your husband positively with the help of this Wazifa.

This wazifa is specially desighed by our Molana Basheer khan with complete halal method to save your marriage and strenghetn your bond.

Ruhani dua is a website created for the betterment of the muslim comminity and all the information provided here is to help you overcome all the challenges in any aspect of life.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to control husband ?

In Islam, it is not considered right to control anyone without his will, but if your situation is such that your husband does not listen to you at all and you want him to respect you then you can seek Allah’s help to improve your husband by gain control over your husband for his well-being.

Can we recite “Ya maniu” for bad habits removal ?

Yes, reciting “Ya Maniu” can be effective in seeking Allah’s assistance for the removal of bad habits. Recite “Ya Maniu” 100 times after any salah and perform “durood e Inaam” to seek Allah’s blessings in improving your any kind of bad habits.

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