Powerful Wazifa to control husband [101% Working]

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A good relationship depends on major factors like love, respect, adjustment with each other nature, partnership, sincerity towards each others’ mutual rights and obligations. Marriage is for love, mental peace, tranquility, companionship, support, and building a family and a society. A husband has various obligations towards his wife.

If you are not getting respect & love from your husband, then you are in right place. Here we are sharing the best wazifa to control husband. Read this article carefully. if you skip any part of this article, it’ll harmful for you, because less knowledge is dangerous. We know that wazifa and duas are work slowly if you don’t have time and want immediate results. You should contact Molana Ji. You can contact Molana Ji via WhatsApp.

After marriage, her husband is everything for her; he is the companion of her sorrow and happiness. He fulfills everything every demand of her if the same person is no longer with her partner or better half. He will not support her and will not understand her words.

He will not give her honor, respect, love, and care, then that girl’s life will become colorless. At the time of marriage, the two people make some promises to each other. They promise that they will support each other and will love each other.

When she does not get all this stuff, then the world becomes like nothing for her. She feels that all the paths are closed for her, then she sees a way of Allah where she can open her voice and tell her grief to Allah.

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Powerful Wazifa to control husband

You are depressed and sad about your husband not loving you even if you give a hundred percent to him. You should raise your voice and mind for yourself and try to recognize the issue or problem.

Do not keep asking yourself the question of whether I am right or wrong for my husband? Am I doing what I should do for my husband? Whether I will ever be able to get that love from my husband or not?

There is no time to think everything; now is the time you have to fight for yourself, ask for your rights, then stop giving up all these things and fight for yourself, try to tie your knot with your loved one or husband to your love. Try wazifa to control husband as soon as possible for better love life and love relationship.

Only this thing changes your upcoming future and love life, and your loved one behaves towards you.

Your all desires completed and fulfilled by your husband try this wazifa to control husband.

This is the powerful wazifa to control husband.

“Wamma lakum laa tuqaatilona fee sabee lillahi walmustag afeena minnar rijaali wannisaae walwildaani lazeena yaqoolona”

Recite this wazifa to control husband and increase love, attraction, and affection very very much in your love life and your marriage life, and in your love relationship

You have to recite this dua or wazifa to control your husband a hundred times (100) for forty days (40) introduced by Surah Nisa five times (5).

Make sure you recognize the face of your husband or loved one or partner while declaring this powerful dua or wazifa for the control of your husband.

Wazifa to control husband

Powerful Dua to make husband listen

Dua manages husband is all essential to solving husband’s wife debate immediately only if it is performed sensibly with good advice.

Dua expert Maulana is the good minister and mind controller which help the needy person in all possible way to control or manage the person conscious mind, to uprise new love feelings in their conscious mind and to decrease the hatred and ego from their minds and thoughts which is connected lead to peace and love back to life.

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Whatever is happening to you and you cannot stop it, to heal it yourself, you should unquestionably practice wazifa to control your husband.

This secure and powerful wazifa to control husband can help you sort out all your problems or issues with your husband and will give you the power to control or manage the mood.

If your husband is dependent or addicted to bad habits like tobacco, smoking, drinking, gambling, and flirting with other women, then you should try this powerful wazifa to control your husband and control your mind and activities.

Once you start to try this good striking spell, your husband will instantly stop using bad items that harm his health or body and your love-life or relationship.

He may also start to spend his quality or love time all in your beloved arms, to love you enthusiastically like he never before in his entire life. It will convert his mood and aspect towards you.

Powerful Wazifa to control husband

Powerful Dua to attract husband

Like we all know that every person in this world has a different personality. It is also applicable for husbands like some husbands are very intolerant.

  • They may not accept short mistakes, which are simple and minor in nature to occur in every life stage.
  • They might be tortured and shouting at you for commiseration reasons.
  • They might lose their temper instantly and pick a fight, which is creating your daily life is fully hell.

If your husband is very egoistic or rude, short-tempered, raise the hand on every simple or minor incident, then you surely need a proper solution immediately to come out of this hell.

If you want a happy and healthy relationship for your future, then try this strong wazifa to control your husband.

Wazifa to control husband will help you change his motion, presence or appearance, and behavior toward you.

Insha Allah, he will never raise his hand on you, he will understand your words, he will understand your feelings, he will understand your emotion, he will understand your care and love, and he will love you too much. If your husband is angry with you and wants to get rid of his anger, then do this wazifa to control husband.

The husband gets angry at you because of your mistake, and now you can not live without talking to him. You want him to talk to you. So do this wazifa.

Do fresh wudu. Then recite this in the morning and evening. Recite “ya maneu” for 21 times and blow on your husband’s back.

This wazifa will surely change your husband’s mind. He will start obeying you and start loving you.

Powerful Wazifa to control husband - 101% Working

Powerful Wazifa for Husband love

Every woman wants a strong relationship with her husband. Husband’s love is very important for every woman to make her mentally and emotionally stronger.

If you feel like your husband does not love you anymore, first realize whether it is your mistake your not. Then

  • Recite “Al kabeeru” 1250 times.

Perform this daily, and do not forget to read Durood Ibrahim 11 times before and after reciting “Al kabeeru.”

  • Do this wazifa to control husband for 11 days.

“SaallaaLLaaHU aalaa Muhaammaad SaallaaLLaaHU aalaayhe Waasaallaam”

After 11 days, you will feel your husband loving you more. Your husband will start loving you. He will be madly in love with you.

Powerful Dua to change husbands mind

We all see disloyalty has become a common issue for fighting between husband and wife.

If you, too, are going through the same problem, then you also feel that your husband has become in the friendship or attraction of another woman, has become seduced by another woman, or has started loving another woman in the presence of you in his life.

If your husband is engaged in extramarital affairs, perform this dua or wazifa to control your husband.

Allah umma Innee As Aalu Kaa Minn Fad Leeka

Wazifa to make husband crazy in love

Here is a dua that can make your husband go crazy in love with you. This has all the power to create love in the heart of your husband for you.

  • First, write your name and name of your partner on the paper.
  • Fold the paper 7 times and keep the paper in your right hand.
  • Read surah fatiha for one time.
  • Now read ” wahu val lazi khalkas samavati val arz bil haqqi wa yauma ya qulu kun faya kun qu Luhu al haqqo wa lahu al mulqu yauma yun fakhu fis soore aleem ul ghaiybe va shahadate wahu val hakeem ul khabeer”
  • Now again read surah Fatiha one more time and blow it on the paper.
  • Put the paper in water
  • Keep the water near your bed for almost two days.
  • After two days, throw the paper and the water both in a lake or river.


  • Read this dua on Saturday
  • Be in Wudu while reading this dua.
  • Do not read this dua twice on the same person.
  • This wazifa to control husband will surely work.


A wazifa is not a wrong thing to do if it is done with pure intentions. All the duas and wazifa mentioned in this article are 100% effective and can also be used on lovers. Be careful while doing them and follow all the necessary instructions that are provided. We hope this article will be helpful for you.

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